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Today is the day. Well, technically yesterday is the day. I got the new Pokemon game and set up all I would need with recording. I've got an hd camera, a techie for after effects and video editing, audio mixing, and all kinds of fun stuff. We had a few people over, set up, had dinner, played some cards and took test shots with the game. This is our rough setup, marked off and held down with double sided tape.

My recording studio, complete with junk food

I've got my youtube page, although really bare, up and running. I'm still having problems working out my profile pic and I solely blame google for all. I'm looking forward to having a solid day to get filming in and leaning over the techie's shoulder, annoying him with suggestions, ideas, and trying to learn what he's doing. I've gone through the paper mass and pulled out a little leaflet saying I could get a torchic. Wow, new release with pokemon and there's already an event starter to download.
torchic bonus

I'm assuming I'll have to get a little further into the game before I'll actually get to claim him. I wonder what the held item is, though. This could be cool. Well, I've got an event tomorrow, but if I'm up afterwards, I'll get some recording in and start the editing process. I'm hoping to have episodes up on my channel in (insert unrealistic deadline here)
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