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I've got a new full time job, meaning my recording time is slightly less than I like. I've picked up a little side recording to get something on the youtube page, mostly because I'm tired of having no videos on there. I'm working on the audio for the nuzlocke now, and most of the video editing is done. I should be able to get some episodes up fairly soon. I've got a good chunk recorded, so I can build up some time to work with scheduled episode releases.

There's also another series now in scripting. It's more focused around my food, but games will have a deep involvement as always. More details as they come. We do have an entire first season planned and partially story boarded. Fine details to scripting and shooting permissions to follow. It ma wind up getting it's own channel, with links to full length game segments hosted on the games dump page.

Commentary is a bitch

So, I've been taking suggestions for the nostalgia filler, and so far, the loudest ones are Super Mario world, Mario Bros. 3, Kirby, and Spyro. I'd like to get something a little ore obscure in there, but alien 3 was a great way to start with hidden gems for me.

I've got a weekend coming up, and I think I'll be trying to work out some more graphical designs for thumbnails to try and make it easier to follow the series'.

And for those very few wondering about the great migration, it's still happening.. Slowly. I've moved a lot of the little bastards and my Pokedex is now almost at the 500 mark. There will be an upload once all is said and done.

1. more alien 3, I want to finish, as I never have before.
2. more of the gold nuzlocke run. I've been neglecting it.
3. something on the pokemon x nuzlocke.
4. a guest commentary lets play with either SMW or something similar.
5. *possible* commentated attempt at a play through of the one game that freaks the shit outta me. no promises on that one.


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