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Oct. 8th, 2013 04:04 am
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Since you're sent off to go find Mr. Pokemon right off the bat, you burn through two routes worth of encounters before you even get pokeballs. Route 29 and 30 are burned. Luckily, there's the end of a route just past a gate north of route 29. I ducked in there and got ready for my first encounter. It was my only chance...
Geodude encounter

I was at a type disadvantage and I had to get through his defense somehow. I just smokescreened, tackled, and hoped for the best. After taking a few hits, and throwing a few pokeballs,
geodude caught

I had my first caught pokemon. Durable, easy to train, and great for early game, I had to give him a name.

Perfect. Nothing's dead yet, so this run is going pretty well so far. Two pokemon, three routes burned, and a gym coming up. Time to grind.

Burned places: Routes 29, 30, and 46.


Oct. 8th, 2013 12:57 am
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As long as there have been Pokemon games, there have been rivals. Gary, those other guys, the occasional girl, N...

But here, our story is about a young man with bad intentions. A boy with long red hair whose name is ???. I'm not sure if it's pronounced like that or he just mutters, but it's a fun way to give him a name later on. He breaks into the lab, then challenges you to a battle.
Rival first meeting

As standard rival asshat laws dictate, he has the one Pokemon I'm weak against and I have only the one pokemon. If it faints, gg, run over. Come on, Q, let's hope for no crits, else, it was fun while it lasted.

I start off by Firin my lazar! and lowering defense, so I can kill him a little quicker. Totodile has better attack than me, so being scratched to death is a possibility. After a couple of exchanges, I manage to score a critical hit and wipe him out, much relieved that it was him, and not me.
crit finish on totodile

The trainer defeated, I return to the lab and answer the question the police had. What was his name? well, ??? doesn't have a nice ring to it, let's have some fun and be immature here. He plays by asshat rules, he shall be know as...

I'm not too sure on the use of the word rival here. I mean sure, he's going to be competing with me throughout the game, but he's a wanted criminal. Hes a known thief and abuser of Pokemon. Why aren't the police wiring me or something and busting him after I win? Well, all these questions seem a little silly to a world where the average age of leaving home is 10.

Ah well, goodbye to mother and off on a new adventure where there is no bed time and everyone has your phone number.
goodbye mother

Yep, bye! And don't spend my money!
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For my first challenge, to try and get me into mixed media posting and get me back into the habit of playing, writing, and editing, I shall be doing a nuzlocke run of Pokemon Gold. Just to try and make things interesting, there will be no routes planned, no movesets worked out, no research, just a quick, pseudo-blind run.

The Rules:
1. All Pokemon must have nicknames. It builds the attachment

2. If a Pokemon faints, it's dead. No exceptions. It must be released at the next available PC

3. only the first encounter in a new route, city, or place may be caught. If it faints, runs, roars, or otherwise escapes, you get nothing for that location.

4. No repeats. If you've caught one before, you don't get another one. If it's your first encounter, you get nothing for that route.

The beginning of it all

Let's Go!


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