Feb. 14th, 2014 07:35 pm
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Two hundred and forty six. This is the number of games currently sitting on my shelves. I've finished most of them and kept them all in pretty good condition. They range from nintendo to ps3 and 360, and most of them have been fully conquered and leisurely revisited, but some were distracted from, some slipped through the cracks and were put on hold. Well, challenge accepted! they shall be neglected no more! I shall revisit everything, my complete library and run the incompletes through alphabetical order and systematically destroy them all. Two hundred and forty seven. I forgot to include my collector's edition of Gears 3. It's under my tv rather than on a shelf. All this isn't including my digital copies of steam games, computer games, and other bits lying around. I'll get a grand total sometime here, but this is the main one for now.

I'd like to give much thanks to those who've watched the new video and who gave feedback, it's been very helpful and I've got something going here.

The first game for completion is Afro Samurai for the 360.

I'll hopefully submit a game time and number of days to complete.

New Logo?

Oct. 27th, 2013 11:21 am
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I figured since I'd like to one day get paid to do what I do, it might be a good idea to have a logo that wasn't just the poison mushroom. My personal stuff can still use it, but I tweaked it for potential revenue later. Tell me what you think:

potentially new logo
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And with that, we start the new journey through the region of johto in Soul Silver. 16 badges, 300 Pokemon, and a national dex that registers everything up to 4th generation. This will be the most ground to cover. Don't have to worry about the starters in this one, I've already moved them all over from the previous version. I'm starting with totodile, and I have to breed the other two, but I can get all forms relatively easily.

The adventure has begun! I've met with Professor Elm, got a totodile, and now I'm ready to depart from New Bark Town. With my Pokemon trailing behind me. Yeah, in this one the first Pokemon in your party kinda just walks behind you. There's some actual explanation about happiness and it growing and some sorta influence on evolution maybe, but I like to think of it as the Professor is just a stingy bugger. No pokeballs for you, not until after you go find Mr. Pokemon and run my other errands. And stop for milk, will ya?

Lots of memories flooding back, I'm remembering Routes, Pokemon, people, I'd even forgotten about apricorns. Not that they'll do me any good, since I'm only using pokeballs.

Made it to Mr. Pokemon, met Professor Oak, and he gave me his number for the pokegear. What is it with old men giving me their phone numbers?

Johto Pokemon: 1


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