Oct. 18th, 2013 01:26 am
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the nuzlocke run is going fairly well. I've now got two badges and a healthy array of pokemon. I was getting worried there for a bit, as everything was turning up fire, bird, or both. I've only lost one pokemon so far, Rest in peace, booger, and I was able to pick up another fighting type to swam him out relatively soon after. I've got 20 plus segments now recorded for the run, but all of them are still in editing, so nothing can be posted yet. I've also got to finish doing the commentary track. I'm starting to run into the odd problem of not knowing what the hell I'm fighting. One of the pokemon on the rock gym was... something. I'm not too sure what the hell it was, aside from part rock type. This makes battles much more risky, since I don't know what to switch to and I don't know what their move sets could be.

I'm still trying to figure out what exactly the fairy type pokemon are. I've only see one so far, and I've yet to find anything that's super effective against them. On the upside, most of the moves they do don't seem that damaging. On the downside, I know that later on there will be either a gym for fairy types or one of the elite four will use them. You don't simply introduce a new type of pokemon and leave it at that.

I will continue with my gold nuzlocke a little bit at a time when I can. Also, news on the great migration, I've moved over a quarter of all my pokemon and am quickly approaching the 400 mark on the pokedex. If I evolve everything, I'm actually fairly close.


Oct. 14th, 2013 10:49 pm
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I've done filming the first three segments of my new nuzlocke run, and I've only had one special moment. I was distracted by all the people following me around, healing my pokemon, giving me pokeballs, there's a whole entourage here with me. I was so distracted that I forgot to try and catch my first encounter entirely in the forest and went through keeping my two pokemon. I'm not too concerned, though as there seem to be many new places to catch pokemon. I'm just arriving at the first city with a gym and I've gone through three routes and a forest. All this, plus I get an event pokemon. I'm using the town as the location for the event pokemon since the town has no water around it. Editing starts tonight and uploading soon.


Oct. 11th, 2013 05:44 pm
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Grinding is an inevitable part of Pokemon. You have them, now get them better. I'm going through route 32 with my bellsprout in front hoping to find woopers to fight. Since they are ground and water, I've got a x4 attack against them. So far, I've hit everything but. The route goes on and most trainers don't seem to pose a challenge. They all seem to have a rattata or something small and normal with them. Having a geodude in my party is proving most awesome. Unless it's super effective, everything this early one does 1 damage, even with a critical hit.

the end of this route is a trip through union cave. There's another chance for new pokemon, and my egg is fairly close to hatching. I've got a mildly leveled party, all around 14, and I was worried about having to teach one of them flash. I don't have anyone I'd want to reduce to an HM slave. Move management is one of the biggest challenges in this run. Bellsprout should tear through anything with rock through this cave. He shall channel his inner Nuptup and harvest all souls. but first, let's heal up and find our first encounter...

Onix! well, this should be a challenge. I have to not kill it, and not run out of pokeballs. These guys are a decent challenge to catch. Fluffy will be awesome here, since onix doesn't learn rock throw until level 14. I'm going to lick it into submission, and the paralysis will help with the capture rate. Five licks later, I'm good and ready to start chucking balls at her face. With a little luck, I'll catch without too much fuss. I don't want to run out of pokeballs here. Even though I have 9, it may not be enough.
onix, ball oneonix, caught on ball 2

2 Pokeballs, not bad at all. I expected more of a struggle against this one. It's not an amazing pokemon, but it's another member on hte team. He can definitely tank a physical hit here and there, but long term use is minimal with good ol' lumpy in my party. He just doesn't have the build to keep up with a geodude. Or, graveler for that matter. Well, that aside, what do you name a giant rock snake? He squirms through the ground, so Squirmle it is

On with the cave! My next random encounter is a sandshrew. That would have been a very useful addition to the team. I have to sit back now as Das plant! harvests another soul. One of the people that inspired me to upload and post a nuzlocke run did one a little while ago where a little oddish proved to be his most useful pokemon. This surprising little beast would prove unequal throughout the run. Nicknamed "Nuptup", it qiuckly became the devourer of souls with his own lore and legends growing in the fanbase. Should das plant! continue to grow and maim at this rate, I may have to rename him, for he is the nuptup incarnate.

Fluffy is getting a few rounds in with the random encounters now, since I've run out of PP for Das' vine whip. It's his only offensive move, save for wrap. So he's effectively useless until I heal. I'm going to stick in union cave a little and try to even out my party.


Oct. 10th, 2013 04:52 am
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After much fiddling with programs, sites, and my anger, I seem to have found a way to make this slightly more... Awesome. I cleared bellsprout tower with ease and got the flash tm, then healed and walked right in to take out the flying gym. I had my lumpy with rock throw. What bird could stop me? Behold, Falkner's Gym...

This gym went almost flawlessly. I did forget to switch fluffly out of the way, since his attacks can't damage normal types, he was nothing super here. I did try to put spearow to sleep with hypnosis before switching, but he wasn't having any of it. Then, out came the bane of all birds, the fucking boulder himself, Lumpy! He proceeded to level the gym entirely. Rock throw was perfect. No misses, I even got to sort out my moveset there. Everything that seriously needed to go right went right.

I like the gyms in video, but I don't think I'll do all recording. It just takes too much time for now with this format. There will be mostly text and pics where cool stuff is going down, but I think I can bump out the gyms in video. On to prepare for the next route. I only have four pokemon and there are a couple of new places coming up. The ruins and a new route. I hope I can find a mareep first encounter. I hate unown, so I really hope I don't end up actually needing it for anything. It's one move is... something. hidden power is a variable of both power and type. I could get an awesome high damage dragon or ice type, but that won't happen.


Oct. 9th, 2013 05:03 pm
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Gym one in Pokemon Gold is Falkner. He uses flying type Pokemon and I'd be concerned if anything other than Lumpy showed up first. With defense like that, I can pretty much stand up to anything early game, save bellsprout tower. Good thing I've got my fire starter. Training is simple early on, and early trainer battles with bugs and rattatas are no problem. I'm taking my time a little bit getting to the first city, going through route 30 again, and looking for a new pokemon on route 31 at the turn. My big concern at this early of the game is my rival encounter before the forest. I know he's going to have a croconaw, and with a fire type and a rock type in my party, this could get tricky. That's still a little while off, though. I'm still rusty on the order of events in this.

Going around the turn on route 30, I forgot that there's an entrance to dark cave. I'm tempted to go in, but I'd probably just find another geodude. I'll have to hit it sometime, maybe I'll get lucky and bump into a zubat...
zubat. really

Well, it seems the RNG gods are with me today. Now I just have to not kill it.

...Or run out of pokeballs!! It's a freaking zubat! I've never seen one escape period! Let alone twice!! really?! Wow. I thought this could work. I'd have a few pokemon going into town, there'd be a nice spread. Welcome to the joys of a nuzlocke.

The kicker to all of this, is that at the end of route 31, there's a pokeball on the ground. If I had just moved on for now, I could have gotten the pokeball, maybe even a new guy on route 31, and had something, but nooo, RNG giveth, and RNG taketh away. Now backtracking to Cherrygrove to get some more pokeballs, potions, and a few antidotes. Antidotes are one of those few items that become gold early game compared to when you actually need them . In casual gameplay, you would get poisoned, and if you had one, handy, else, you move on, and hope that you make it to a pokemon center before the poison makes it faint. I don't have that luxury. If it faints outside of battle due to poison, it's still dead by the rules, and I have to release it. Weedle is a secret killer.

I've spent all my money, and stopped to heal at the pokemon center. I should be good for whatever pops out at me at route 31. Please, don't be spinarak. Anything but spinarak. I'm seriously considering killing it rather than adding it to my team. It's hard to train, useless attack wise until way later, and it can't take a hit. Well, we'll just have to hop in and hope. Also, try not to run out of pokeballs. My first encounter is...

Actually fucking awesome! This has got to be one of the best case scenarios. I'm starting to get suspicious about these encounters. No wonder everything is putting up a fight. Here we go. Bring out Q and tackle it a little, lightly now, no crits. Nice, down just under half health. now, for the hard part. Don't kill me, and stay in the ball...
bellsprout caught

Perfect! one pokeball, no struggle, no hair pulling, just perfect. One more to the team, and super against my rival to boot! I have to be careful with him though, I can't use him in the gym. Now, for the nickname. I have no idea. I usually don't, or I go with what they pretty much are. Bellsprout is, well, a bell sprout. Hmm, We shall name him...
Das plant!

Das plant! shall strike fear into the hearts of water types everywhere. Behold the bane of totodile, woopers, and all of rock type.

My party one step closer to functional, the grind begins. Next up in my travels, we start to take on sprout tower. Filled with trainers with bellsprout, hoothoot, and the other things I can't remember, I'm hoping to have an elemental move from each of my pokemon by the time I storm the tower. I need ember from Q, rock throw from Lumpy, and I've got vine whip from Das. This could shape up nicely.

Burned routes: 29, 30, 31, dark cave, 46
Nothing dead yet!

The First

Oct. 8th, 2013 04:04 am
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Since you're sent off to go find Mr. Pokemon right off the bat, you burn through two routes worth of encounters before you even get pokeballs. Route 29 and 30 are burned. Luckily, there's the end of a route just past a gate north of route 29. I ducked in there and got ready for my first encounter. It was my only chance...
Geodude encounter

I was at a type disadvantage and I had to get through his defense somehow. I just smokescreened, tackled, and hoped for the best. After taking a few hits, and throwing a few pokeballs,
geodude caught

I had my first caught pokemon. Durable, easy to train, and great for early game, I had to give him a name.

Perfect. Nothing's dead yet, so this run is going pretty well so far. Two pokemon, three routes burned, and a gym coming up. Time to grind.

Burned places: Routes 29, 30, and 46.


Oct. 8th, 2013 12:57 am
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As long as there have been Pokemon games, there have been rivals. Gary, those other guys, the occasional girl, N...

But here, our story is about a young man with bad intentions. A boy with long red hair whose name is ???. I'm not sure if it's pronounced like that or he just mutters, but it's a fun way to give him a name later on. He breaks into the lab, then challenges you to a battle.
Rival first meeting

As standard rival asshat laws dictate, he has the one Pokemon I'm weak against and I have only the one pokemon. If it faints, gg, run over. Come on, Q, let's hope for no crits, else, it was fun while it lasted.

I start off by Firin my lazar! and lowering defense, so I can kill him a little quicker. Totodile has better attack than me, so being scratched to death is a possibility. After a couple of exchanges, I manage to score a critical hit and wipe him out, much relieved that it was him, and not me.
crit finish on totodile

The trainer defeated, I return to the lab and answer the question the police had. What was his name? well, ??? doesn't have a nice ring to it, let's have some fun and be immature here. He plays by asshat rules, he shall be know as...

I'm not too sure on the use of the word rival here. I mean sure, he's going to be competing with me throughout the game, but he's a wanted criminal. Hes a known thief and abuser of Pokemon. Why aren't the police wiring me or something and busting him after I win? Well, all these questions seem a little silly to a world where the average age of leaving home is 10.

Ah well, goodbye to mother and off on a new adventure where there is no bed time and everyone has your phone number.
goodbye mother

Yep, bye! And don't spend my money!
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Woke up, got my gear, met Professor Elm, picked my starter, and got the hell outta there. I've got a game to play, man! Behold, the first:
the card when picking your starter. It

Good ol' Cynaquil. A nice fire type that'll prove to be effective in a few gyms. If I can remember what they are. I know there's a flying type, and those have low special defense, and there's a bug type early on that I can torch. This should be ok.

As per the rules, I nicknamed my little guy. He shall be know to the world as... Q-Pine. Get it... cus he's a fire porcupine? yeah. Anyway, the downside to this run is that I can't get anything after my first encounter on a new route, so I get nothing on the routes leading to Mr. Pokemon's house. Past Cherrygrove city. I better not lose anyone for a while, I've got nowhere to get any more from. Anyway, after finding a hoothoot on route 29, I get to strike that off the list of possible catch points. Hopefully I'll pop a couple of levels on the way. I wish I knew about starting stats. I have no idea if this guy's ok or not.
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For my first challenge, to try and get me into mixed media posting and get me back into the habit of playing, writing, and editing, I shall be doing a nuzlocke run of Pokemon Gold. Just to try and make things interesting, there will be no routes planned, no movesets worked out, no research, just a quick, pseudo-blind run.

The Rules:
1. All Pokemon must have nicknames. It builds the attachment

2. If a Pokemon faints, it's dead. No exceptions. It must be released at the next available PC

3. only the first encounter in a new route, city, or place may be caught. If it faints, runs, roars, or otherwise escapes, you get nothing for that location.

4. No repeats. If you've caught one before, you don't get another one. If it's your first encounter, you get nothing for that route.

The beginning of it all

Let's Go!


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