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Aug. 21st, 2012 12:15 pm
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Evolved most of my party. My pignite is now an emboar, my dewott is now a samurott, and my timburr is now a gurdurr. Gave most of them element boost items and actually swapped my emboar for a blitzle. Emboar just wasn't making the cut. I conquered the gym without many real worries and made it through route 6, catching the karrablast I missed while training. Nothing here was trouble.

After route 6 is Chargestone cave. A magnetically charged cave with floating rocks and electric Pokemon. Easy trainers, a couple of puzzles, your standard cave and dungeon thingy. New Pokemon added are a kilnk, a ferroseed, a joltik and a tynamo. Most were usual routine, but tynamo decided to be difficult. This little bugger has a 2% appearance rate. Took me half an hour to find one. This thing isn't even strong enough for the work to pay off, he's going to be a pain all the way. He's got two evolutions. The first form he's in only learns 4 moves. After grinding that guy up to level 39, it finally evolves once. Then you have to use a stone to evolve it again. If you want a battle ready setup, then you have to grind him to the late 60's before you can stone him. Heh, stoning Pokemon, I can see why plasma's pissed at me.

Encountered a cubchoo outside the cave. On my way to celestial tower now, then the next gym. Catching some Pokemon is becoming more difficult. Not because of breaking pokeballs or anything, but trying not to one hit everyone is getting harder as my party gets beefy.

Pokemon: 54


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