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New series, new equipment, a faithful P2, and some subscribers. Things are starting to pick up! I've got a few different types of episodes I regularly do now, including a blast from the past, lost in translation, and the B.O.T. Battle. I've got a few guests lined up and I really want to get some long distance ones in over online chess or something. My audio is currently being recorded with an Apex 440 and I'm using Microsoft's encoder to screen cap everything.

I'm about to start brushing up on chess so I can stand a chance. This could be fun.
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I've spent the past hour getting everything set and programmed and all read to record. I've had some awesome feedback when people heard I would do some recording of spyro, and I've been working to get everything... working.

Tomorrow should be fun. I'm going out to look for a decent unidirectional mic to get some commentary going with P2. I've got a few game series in the works and I've got a little teaser with more food oriented stuff. I'd like to spend a little time working on logos or intros for them. The food series will start out as a FAQ segment, Ask A Chef, and I'll go over a lot of food myths, and general grump about cooking.

I've got a day off here and there, and hours at work are surprisingly nice, so I should have a good chunk of time to work on this. Updates when I can.


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