Oct. 10th, 2013

The Tower

Oct. 10th, 2013 12:21 am
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I've trained up a little bit and I think I can take out the tower with a little luck. There are random encounters in the tower, although rare. I'm hoping to bump into a gastly. A ghost type this early makes things easy with anything normal or fighting type. I've got one shot. First encounter...
gastlygastly caught
Well. This is lucky. Something at this point is bound to happen. I'm going to get one shot or something. what do you call a gastly? What's a good nickname for one? Let's go with...

Yeah, that works. He'll be helpful for a little while in early game, except for normal types, and will probably really pick up in later game. I've gotten Q up to level 12, so he's learned ember. This'll make bellsprout tower a cinch.


Oct. 10th, 2013 04:52 am
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After much fiddling with programs, sites, and my anger, I seem to have found a way to make this slightly more... Awesome. I cleared bellsprout tower with ease and got the flash tm, then healed and walked right in to take out the flying gym. I had my lumpy with rock throw. What bird could stop me? Behold, Falkner's Gym...

This gym went almost flawlessly. I did forget to switch fluffly out of the way, since his attacks can't damage normal types, he was nothing super here. I did try to put spearow to sleep with hypnosis before switching, but he wasn't having any of it. Then, out came the bane of all birds, the fucking boulder himself, Lumpy! He proceeded to level the gym entirely. Rock throw was perfect. No misses, I even got to sort out my moveset there. Everything that seriously needed to go right went right.

I like the gyms in video, but I don't think I'll do all recording. It just takes too much time for now with this format. There will be mostly text and pics where cool stuff is going down, but I think I can bump out the gyms in video. On to prepare for the next route. I only have four pokemon and there are a couple of new places coming up. The ruins and a new route. I hope I can find a mareep first encounter. I hate unown, so I really hope I don't end up actually needing it for anything. It's one move is... something. hidden power is a variable of both power and type. I could get an awesome high damage dragon or ice type, but that won't happen.


Oct. 10th, 2013 07:06 pm
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I love when you go to the pokemon center after the first gym battle to get the poke egg and you tell the aid you won't take it. That little but of depression, the disbelief. It's rare you get to screw around with a character in games like this.
telling the aid no, i wonthe aid

Hehe... Of course, I'll actually take the pokemon. It's a freebie and in a run like this that's a pretty good thing. After grabbing the egg, I head south out of violet city and proceed to the next route and the next encounter. I'm hoping for a mareep, but the encounter rate is more likely to give me a repeat, or a wooper. Should be interesting.

Going right past the ruins, the first encounter on route 32 is...
a bellsprout.

GAH! It's another bellsprout! For those wondering about the x in my party, that's the egg. I didn't lose anything, it's just unable to battle. It's not a huge loss, there will be other routes, and I've got a nearly full party. This run is still going pretty smoothly, and I've leveled nicely. I shouldn't have much worries for another town or so.


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