The Tower

Oct. 10th, 2013 12:21 am
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I've trained up a little bit and I think I can take out the tower with a little luck. There are random encounters in the tower, although rare. I'm hoping to bump into a gastly. A ghost type this early makes things easy with anything normal or fighting type. I've got one shot. First encounter...
gastlygastly caught
Well. This is lucky. Something at this point is bound to happen. I'm going to get one shot or something. what do you call a gastly? What's a good nickname for one? Let's go with...

Yeah, that works. He'll be helpful for a little while in early game, except for normal types, and will probably really pick up in later game. I've gotten Q up to level 12, so he's learned ember. This'll make bellsprout tower a cinch.
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So, I recently cut my challenge short. I had a lot going on that was interfering with it and there just wasn't time or motivation. I was involved with a big move, there was an upset in the family, and I was just drained. The question does remain, though. How close was I? If I compiled all my Pokemon as they stand now, how far off was I? So, here goes the start of the great migration. I will import all my available Pokemon onto the chosen game and I'll see how close we got. There are currently 220 Pokemon registered in my Pokemon White national pokedex, and there are more spread out over three other versions of Pokemon. Once all are moved, the listings will be posted.


Oct. 9th, 2013 05:03 pm
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Gym one in Pokemon Gold is Falkner. He uses flying type Pokemon and I'd be concerned if anything other than Lumpy showed up first. With defense like that, I can pretty much stand up to anything early game, save bellsprout tower. Good thing I've got my fire starter. Training is simple early on, and early trainer battles with bugs and rattatas are no problem. I'm taking my time a little bit getting to the first city, going through route 30 again, and looking for a new pokemon on route 31 at the turn. My big concern at this early of the game is my rival encounter before the forest. I know he's going to have a croconaw, and with a fire type and a rock type in my party, this could get tricky. That's still a little while off, though. I'm still rusty on the order of events in this.

Going around the turn on route 30, I forgot that there's an entrance to dark cave. I'm tempted to go in, but I'd probably just find another geodude. I'll have to hit it sometime, maybe I'll get lucky and bump into a zubat...
zubat. really

Well, it seems the RNG gods are with me today. Now I just have to not kill it.

...Or run out of pokeballs!! It's a freaking zubat! I've never seen one escape period! Let alone twice!! really?! Wow. I thought this could work. I'd have a few pokemon going into town, there'd be a nice spread. Welcome to the joys of a nuzlocke.

The kicker to all of this, is that at the end of route 31, there's a pokeball on the ground. If I had just moved on for now, I could have gotten the pokeball, maybe even a new guy on route 31, and had something, but nooo, RNG giveth, and RNG taketh away. Now backtracking to Cherrygrove to get some more pokeballs, potions, and a few antidotes. Antidotes are one of those few items that become gold early game compared to when you actually need them . In casual gameplay, you would get poisoned, and if you had one, handy, else, you move on, and hope that you make it to a pokemon center before the poison makes it faint. I don't have that luxury. If it faints outside of battle due to poison, it's still dead by the rules, and I have to release it. Weedle is a secret killer.

I've spent all my money, and stopped to heal at the pokemon center. I should be good for whatever pops out at me at route 31. Please, don't be spinarak. Anything but spinarak. I'm seriously considering killing it rather than adding it to my team. It's hard to train, useless attack wise until way later, and it can't take a hit. Well, we'll just have to hop in and hope. Also, try not to run out of pokeballs. My first encounter is...

Actually fucking awesome! This has got to be one of the best case scenarios. I'm starting to get suspicious about these encounters. No wonder everything is putting up a fight. Here we go. Bring out Q and tackle it a little, lightly now, no crits. Nice, down just under half health. now, for the hard part. Don't kill me, and stay in the ball...
bellsprout caught

Perfect! one pokeball, no struggle, no hair pulling, just perfect. One more to the team, and super against my rival to boot! I have to be careful with him though, I can't use him in the gym. Now, for the nickname. I have no idea. I usually don't, or I go with what they pretty much are. Bellsprout is, well, a bell sprout. Hmm, We shall name him...
Das plant!

Das plant! shall strike fear into the hearts of water types everywhere. Behold the bane of totodile, woopers, and all of rock type.

My party one step closer to functional, the grind begins. Next up in my travels, we start to take on sprout tower. Filled with trainers with bellsprout, hoothoot, and the other things I can't remember, I'm hoping to have an elemental move from each of my pokemon by the time I storm the tower. I need ember from Q, rock throw from Lumpy, and I've got vine whip from Das. This could shape up nicely.

Burned routes: 29, 30, 31, dark cave, 46
Nothing dead yet!

The First

Oct. 8th, 2013 04:04 am
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Since you're sent off to go find Mr. Pokemon right off the bat, you burn through two routes worth of encounters before you even get pokeballs. Route 29 and 30 are burned. Luckily, there's the end of a route just past a gate north of route 29. I ducked in there and got ready for my first encounter. It was my only chance...
Geodude encounter

I was at a type disadvantage and I had to get through his defense somehow. I just smokescreened, tackled, and hoped for the best. After taking a few hits, and throwing a few pokeballs,
geodude caught

I had my first caught pokemon. Durable, easy to train, and great for early game, I had to give him a name.

Perfect. Nothing's dead yet, so this run is going pretty well so far. Two pokemon, three routes burned, and a gym coming up. Time to grind.

Burned places: Routes 29, 30, and 46.


Oct. 8th, 2013 12:57 am
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As long as there have been Pokemon games, there have been rivals. Gary, those other guys, the occasional girl, N...

But here, our story is about a young man with bad intentions. A boy with long red hair whose name is ???. I'm not sure if it's pronounced like that or he just mutters, but it's a fun way to give him a name later on. He breaks into the lab, then challenges you to a battle.
Rival first meeting

As standard rival asshat laws dictate, he has the one Pokemon I'm weak against and I have only the one pokemon. If it faints, gg, run over. Come on, Q, let's hope for no crits, else, it was fun while it lasted.

I start off by Firin my lazar! and lowering defense, so I can kill him a little quicker. Totodile has better attack than me, so being scratched to death is a possibility. After a couple of exchanges, I manage to score a critical hit and wipe him out, much relieved that it was him, and not me.
crit finish on totodile

The trainer defeated, I return to the lab and answer the question the police had. What was his name? well, ??? doesn't have a nice ring to it, let's have some fun and be immature here. He plays by asshat rules, he shall be know as...

I'm not too sure on the use of the word rival here. I mean sure, he's going to be competing with me throughout the game, but he's a wanted criminal. Hes a known thief and abuser of Pokemon. Why aren't the police wiring me or something and busting him after I win? Well, all these questions seem a little silly to a world where the average age of leaving home is 10.

Ah well, goodbye to mother and off on a new adventure where there is no bed time and everyone has your phone number.
goodbye mother

Yep, bye! And don't spend my money!
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Woke up, got my gear, met Professor Elm, picked my starter, and got the hell outta there. I've got a game to play, man! Behold, the first:
the card when picking your starter. It

Good ol' Cynaquil. A nice fire type that'll prove to be effective in a few gyms. If I can remember what they are. I know there's a flying type, and those have low special defense, and there's a bug type early on that I can torch. This should be ok.

As per the rules, I nicknamed my little guy. He shall be know to the world as... Q-Pine. Get it... cus he's a fire porcupine? yeah. Anyway, the downside to this run is that I can't get anything after my first encounter on a new route, so I get nothing on the routes leading to Mr. Pokemon's house. Past Cherrygrove city. I better not lose anyone for a while, I've got nowhere to get any more from. Anyway, after finding a hoothoot on route 29, I get to strike that off the list of possible catch points. Hopefully I'll pop a couple of levels on the way. I wish I knew about starting stats. I have no idea if this guy's ok or not.
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For my first challenge, to try and get me into mixed media posting and get me back into the habit of playing, writing, and editing, I shall be doing a nuzlocke run of Pokemon Gold. Just to try and make things interesting, there will be no routes planned, no movesets worked out, no research, just a quick, pseudo-blind run.

The Rules:
1. All Pokemon must have nicknames. It builds the attachment

2. If a Pokemon faints, it's dead. No exceptions. It must be released at the next available PC

3. only the first encounter in a new route, city, or place may be caught. If it faints, runs, roars, or otherwise escapes, you get nothing for that location.

4. No repeats. If you've caught one before, you don't get another one. If it's your first encounter, you get nothing for that route.

The beginning of it all

Let's Go!
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So, as anyone can pretty much see, I'm not going to be able to finish the goal I had originally set. There are just too many event and unobtainable pokemon to just catch them all and import them all into one game. That being said, I'm going to start posting again, but not in the same way. I'm adding categories, accepting challenges, and trying new things. These include playing with video capture and getting more interactive.

The first one I'm trying is again with pokemon, but is more of a temporary thing until the "main event" becomes available. Stay tuned, if all works out, there will be awesomeness and youtube involved.

Catch Up

Sep. 25th, 2012 12:43 am
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I've been trying to play here and there and I've really not progressed very far at all. I've defeated team rocket at Goldenrod tower, beaten the eighth gym, just barely, and I defeated the kimono girls and learned about lugia. He's a legendary Pokemon that you have to catch in order to progress to the Pokemon league. Legendaries are usually background things, optional side quests if you will, and don't usually impact or impede your progress. In an act of rebellion, I'm not doing the whirl islands until I've filled my pokedex a little more. I prepared a few HM slaves and now am re-walking all the routes. I know there's a few more Pokemon to get from headbutting and there are some rare encounters to do. Also, I have to finish catching the legendary dogs. My party now includes the Extremespeed dratini from the dragon's den and I plan to keep her in my party. This basically sets my team for the league and the next gym set. Fearow, Ampharos, Dratini to become Dragonite, Gengar, and Golem.

I don't like having to go through the whirl islands because it's a horrible maze with a bunch of one way cliffs and four separate islands you can emerge from. Basically it's the most frustrating sequence of trial and error you can imagine.

Moving in a couple of days. Really excited for the new place. Will be up and posting again after the move unless something epic happens in casual play.

Johto Pokemon: 72
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Due to the hectic pace of packing everything and trying to sort things out while I do, actual playing has not happened since last posting. I did manage to take a trip to the local game store and add to the ever growing collection of Pokemon games. I've acquired a copy of Pokemon platinum and black. Black is the big one here. I can power through it and get all the version exclusives and legendaries without feeling guilty for scooping my friend's Pokemon. I also nabbed my girlfriend's ds so I don't have to bug my friend all the time for his. I figure I'll trade over a couple of Pokemon with great levels for black, my level 40 alakazam and a couple of legendaries. I also need to get it set up to receive a bunch of Pokemon so I have somewhere to put all of my trades after I get them into White.

The big move is less that two weeks away and the pressure is on. I'm not sure how much I'm going to get in play wise, but anything I do will be posted here. Really excited about the new place.
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Normally there's a fairly big level gap between the gyms in Pokemon games, but in this one, since there's a fork in a major route leading in opposite directions to two gyms on one path and another gym on the other path. Since there's nothing to stop you from going either way, the level of the gyms can't be too far off. Preparation can allow you to do a rush called the triplet, where you do all three gyms right after the other. The first two didn't put up much trouble. The fighting gym was hit hard by my flying type and the steel dropped quickly from graveler and feraligatr. The third in the set, the seventh in the game, was an ice gym and one Pokemon gave me some real trouble. Piloswine is an ice and ground type meaning my ampharos can't even hit it and it is super effective against my fearow and my graveler. I had to weaken it with my raticate and finish it off with my feraligatr. Was close at one point.

As far as catching goes, there hasn't been that much. I've made it over the ocean and caught a tentacool, and unlocked the safari zone. In here I caught a misdreavous and a psyduck. I'm going to backtrack a little now that I have fly and do a nice clean sweep of wild Pokemon. I'm not evolving any if it can be helped since I'll have to do it in white again anyway.

As I briefly mentioned before, I've evolved my flaaffy into ampharos and my croconaw into a feraligatr. My party levels are all around 35 and I'm nearing the end of the Johto region. One more badge to go and I go to the league and fight Lance. Lance sucks. I've got nothing really suited to fight dragon pokemon and he carries three dragonites. THese guys are fucking hard. High special attack, high speed, and hp like a tank. Oh, and they can learn almost any move. My best bet is to send out ampharos and hope that the flying half of dragonite will be zapped well. I'll have to work on that later. Been thinking of switching something in my party for a magmar anyway.

As I venture through, the game keeps up with the strange reactions from world events. My rival has apparently been on the island before me and not only beaten one of the homeowners on this island, not a trainer mind you, just a home owner and stole his pokemon. his reaction? I look strong so I should have his other one. Really?! One trainer stole one Pokemon so he gives his other away? He even says that they are for his work. He raises shuckles and uses them to make berry juices. Why the hell would he give away his livelihood? Shortbus people.

Team rocket is back, too. They've taken over the Goldenrod radio station and are trying to make Pokemon evolve with radio frequencies. I don't know why I can't just let them go with it and make dratini feasible to train. I like how you have to grab one of the uniforms and infiltrate, but it's kinda pulled when you can't leave the city with one and you only go past the first guard before Wanker shows up and blows your cover. You can set your pokegear with a team rocket skin, why can't I keep the uniform?

The Safari Zone opening leads me to one of the exceptions of the rules set forth at the beginning of this mission. No pokeballs in the safari zone, only safari balls. The layout becomes customizable later on and I can get a bunch of new guys there later, but that's not until after I get the national dex.

It should be mentioned here that things will slow a touch, as I am moving in two weeks.

I'll have to come back with a list of all the new captures and evolutions, but right now my pokedex stands at...

Johto Pokemon: 63
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Each of the Pokemon generations has a trio of mythical legendaries and usually a protector Pokemon. In the first generation, it was the three birds, zapdos, moltres, and articuno. Here in Johto, it's the legendary dogs. When you get into Ecruteak city and investigate the burned tower, the legendary dogs see you and run off, leading to a new type of legendary hunt. They randomly run around routes and you find them in wild encounters. This is made nice and simple by the ability to track them on your Pokegear map. Just run back and forth on a route border until you overlap with one of them and the first wild encounter should be the legendary. It could be one of either raiku or entei. The third, suicune, is at a fixed location like normal legendaries.

Went to the dance studio in ecruteak and pummeled the rocket thug there, then leveled my Pokemon for the gym. Ghost type, making gastly dangerously effective and weak at the same time, and rattata, now raticate, effectively useless. This gym was actually a decent challenge. I'm under leveled and my party isn't quite situated for heavy ghosts. The upside is that the gym leader having a gengar at that low a level makes his special defense nice and low. Pop in flaafy and zap away. Got the move shadow ball from the gym leader and immediately used it on my gastly. It's one of the best ghost moves there is. Base of 80, plus STAB, making it 120. That and the fact my gastly's special attack is twice it's normal attack and this is it's first special move essentially means her power is tripled.

After I cleared the gym, I went back into burning tower to catch a few more and train a little. Needed to catch up after the struggle to win at this gym. Caught a magmar and a koffing, then evolved my party. Spearow is now fearow, geodude is now graveler, gastly is now haunter, and rattata is raticate. My levels are averaging around 25. I like having my raticate following around behind me. Fluffy. Feral. Kinda relaxing.

After I was happy with my party, I revisited Route 37 and caught a stantler, then moved over to Route 38 and caught a magnemite, a miltank, a tauros, and a meowth. Also recently added a machop, nidoran male and female, and caught a pinsir for the bug catching contest. Big one and I didn't even place in the top three.

traveled around Mt. Mortar and arrived on the other side in Mahogany town, then cut north to the lake of rage. Here is the only guaranteed shiny encounter, the red Gyarados. Catch it or kill it (caught it) to move on with the story and receive the red scale, useful later. After this, you meet Lance, the dragon trainer and he tells you about team rocket doing weird stuff to the Pokemon with radio waves, somehow forcing them to evolve. Maybe this explains the weird wild raticate at level 16 on route 38 when rattata evolves into raticate at level 20. I caught one there and I'm using it as an HM slave. Raticate is compatible with cut, strength, and rock smash. Caught a voltorb in the rocket hideout. Gotta check if I can get a grimer here, too.

I'm currently about to fight the executive of the rocket base and I'm contemplating rearranging my party. I'm more than halfway done in Johto, but only a quarter of the game in. I'll have to do some comparison with types and see what lines up. may add a fire type into the party.

all this evolving and catching makes my new total...

Johto Pokemon: 52
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I feel somewhat mixed about making my pokemon bang his head against a "moderately sized tree" repeatedly to find bug pokemon. Remember when they just jumped out in forests? and what ever happened to the bug catchers? now they're all just lads. I'm headbutting trees to find a couple of rare pokemon. One I call rare because you have to wake up at seven in the morning to find it in the wild. The cool thing is if I knock it out of a tree, there's a good chance it will be asleep. Unfortunately, I have to wade through a bunch of hoothoot looking for the things.

I need to backtrack here, I've made a lot of progress overnight and won two more gym badges. I'm liking my current party a lot and i'm trying to resist the urge to swap out guys for an abra I just found. I've been trying to incorporate HMs into my party, but things are getting crowded move-wise. I need the move deleter and a couple of HM slaves for this stuff.

Had my first run-in with the new team rocket at slowpoke well. Nothing here, just a little warm up before the gym. Caught a slowpoke while I was here and promptly left.

The second gym is bug type. Not hard at all considering my spearow. It chewed up everything really nice. Had a battle with my new rival, affectionately named Wanker, and mopped the floor with him. I like this one. He's blatantly a dick, almost more so than Gary. Gary was a rude dick, this guy is a thief and a dick. Granted he's done a lot worse things than "Smell ya later," but there's something about Gary that just makes me want to slap him. This guy I just want to pummel with Pokemon. Iunno. Anyway, went through the woods no problem and taught rattata headbutt. Not a bad move at all, base of 70 damage plus STAB, making it start at 105. That and hyper fang make for a devastating couple of moves.

Came out the other side and that's where I really bumped up my pokedex. In the woods I caught a paras and an oddish, but outside, I found drowzee, abra, magikarp, ledyba, ditto, and an exeggute. Nothing overly powerful except for abra. I may switch out for abra in my party later, but I'll try to make due with mu current party since I've been training them all up.

Made it into goldenrod without a problem. There are these security guard types that stand on certain routes and bug you if you walk past at night. Pokemon logic states that if you wander around at night, you're up to no good, but if you beat them in a battle, then you're ok. Goldenrod gym is all normal type, so my gastly is totally useless and geodude gets to shine again. He now knows magnitude and selfdestruct. I thought I was just dumping rock smash on him, but it turned out to be more useful than I expected, being a fighting type move.

This is the fun part of training where all of my Pokemon are getting ready to evolve or have just done so. My mareep is already a flaafy and totodile is a beefy croconaw. My geodude, spearow, rattata and gastly are all about to evolve. Off for a little grind and to catch a sudowoodo.

Johto Pokemon: 30, (already? making good time.)


Sep. 12th, 2012 08:01 pm
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The egg hatched into a Togepi. Immediately I'm called by Professor Elm asking me to go all the way back to the Lab and show him what it is. It's not good enough that the pokedex already has a detailed entry of this thing, no. He has to see it. It doesn't matter that i'm in the middle of a cave two cities away. I can just pop over. Yeesh.

Nearly through the cave. Trying to catch an onix, but this thing is breaking out of almost all of my pokeballs. I've had legendaries give me less trouble. I'm going to have to get more and come back for this guy and it has a really low encounter rate. Even the game acknowledges this by putting someone willing to trade for a bellsprout just inside town. I'm thinking if I use my gastly against it, it can't hurt me and I can put it to sleep or paralyze it relatively easily.

My totodile is about to evolve. My gastly hasn't learned anything remotely useful. My mareep is about to join my party. All is good stat-wise.

I've just done a comparison for golem and onix. Golem smacks it down by almost 100 points. Aside from defense, onix's stats are scary low. He's not making the party.

Training my gastly ans my totodile is really easy here. Nothing has an elemental attack yet, so gastly is pretty much untouchable and totodile is strong against all the rock types in the cave. Training here will be quick. Hoping to get a couple of Pokemon to almost 20 before the next gym. I'll be back after the togepi fiasco and I catch an onix. I'm not trading the guy for one, I can't let it win.

Johto Pokemon: 18

The Party

Sep. 12th, 2012 04:00 pm
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Traveled a little more and trained for the first gym, then promptly rocked the first gym. Didn't need too much since I had a geodude. Grind it a little and once it learns rock throw (yeah, I did that), any bird Pokemon are going down hard and fast. Geodude is great in the early game. He has unrivaled defense and the only Pokemon he can't handle are bellsprout and wooper.

Made it through the city and stopped for a quick spot in the ruins. The ruins have these fun little tile puzzles that unlock new areas and forms of unown. Neat little buggers. They have one form for every letter in the alphabet and their move, hidden power, is a different type and power level for each one. I can't be bothered to figure out which ones are useful or powerful. Not really interested in a one trick pony anyway. Cought one for the entry and moved on.

I like this Route. Route 32. Nice, scenic, and has mareep. Mareep is caught and immediately given a permanent spot in my party. It's not bad now, but once it evolves to ampharos, it's pretty badass and fast. Once this egg hatches I can set my party for most of the game. It's going to be geodude, rattata, totodile, spearow, mareep, and ghastly. Never powered through the game with a ghost type before. Will be new to me.

Caught an ekans, a weedil, a hoppip, and a wooper. Most of those are useless. Wooper is only good for it's immunities to electric attacks, but at the cost of any defence against grasses. Just waiting for the egg, dammit. Need the slot.

Johto Pokemon: 17
after the egg, 18
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Made some progress in the game. finished the whole Professor Elm, Mr. Pokemon back and forth thingy and was shown how to catch Pokemon for my troubles. Yeah, I needed that one. I've got no problem with those tutorials in the game. The only issue I have with them is when they give you the option and that choice says clearly "no info needed," you still have to go through the how to catch Pokemon tutorial and the people give you the "Oh, you know how to do something! that's right, you just have to open this menu and select this option and pick this thing and yeah, it's just so easy now, isn't it?" Thanks. I clearly new that. I said I know that, I have access to a built in help menu and even a help PC in every town. You know, just in case I forgot between towns how to use items. Really, people

But then, after talking to some of the people standing around the towns, I'm not really surprised they go so far with help. One random member of town was, as he claims, in a recent battle and his "Pokemon lost. They're a mess! I must take them to a Pokemon Center." Dude, it's 20 feet that way. It's literally the next building. Stop standing around and go. How do people like this get trusted with Pokemon anyway? Shortbus people.

Anyway. Got my pokeballs and immediately ripped into the local wildlife. Caught a pidgey, a rattata, a sentret, a hoothoot, bellsprout, ghastly, dunsparce, and a zoobat.

Johto Pokemon: 11
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And with that, we start the new journey through the region of johto in Soul Silver. 16 badges, 300 Pokemon, and a national dex that registers everything up to 4th generation. This will be the most ground to cover. Don't have to worry about the starters in this one, I've already moved them all over from the previous version. I'm starting with totodile, and I have to breed the other two, but I can get all forms relatively easily.

The adventure has begun! I've met with Professor Elm, got a totodile, and now I'm ready to depart from New Bark Town. With my Pokemon trailing behind me. Yeah, in this one the first Pokemon in your party kinda just walks behind you. There's some actual explanation about happiness and it growing and some sorta influence on evolution maybe, but I like to think of it as the Professor is just a stingy bugger. No pokeballs for you, not until after you go find Mr. Pokemon and run my other errands. And stop for milk, will ya?

Lots of memories flooding back, I'm remembering Routes, Pokemon, people, I'd even forgotten about apricorns. Not that they'll do me any good, since I'm only using pokeballs.

Made it to Mr. Pokemon, met Professor Oak, and he gave me his number for the pokegear. What is it with old men giving me their phone numbers?

Johto Pokemon: 1
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I have left the small town of Nuvema and started a quest that would span 5 full regions.

I have wandered the grassy, winding Pinwheel Forest.
I have crossed the long and famous Skyarrow Bridge
I have traversed the treacherous constant sandstorm of Route 4
I have explored the sandy dunes in Relic Castle
I have lowered the Driftveil Drawbridge
I have liberated the cold storage area from Team Plasma
I have navigated the depths of Chargestone Cave
I have wandered and made it through the Twisted Mountain
I have discovered the secrets of Dragonspiral Tower
I have journeyed to Victory Road

I have defeated the 8 gyms, the elite four, team plasma, N, Ghetsis, the champion, and every trainer I have come across...

I have captured, evolved, and trained every Pokemon in White.

I have completed the pokedex in the Unova region for White. All I need is a Gothite, a reshiram, and a tornadus to have everything. I'm so close, but this is all I can do for now.

This being said, with the evolution of golett to golurk, pawniard to bisharp, cubchoo to beartic, and meinfoo to meinshao, I declare the Pokemon White journey complete.

Total Unova Pokemon: 146

So Close

Sep. 10th, 2012 09:25 pm
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Beartic. Bisharp. Meinshao. Golurk.

With the exception of version exclusives, I am these four Pokemon short of completing the Unova pokedex. I have run the elite 4 so many times I can one shot every one of their Pokemon with the exception of sawk, because of sturdy, he takes two. All with 4 Pokemon. The upside to this is I get to grind two Pokemon at once. I'm currently running cubchoo for beartic and pawniard for bisharp. both need at least 10 levels. I'm going to need to battle all of them about twice.

I'm really glad to be almost done with this version. Beating the same trainers over just to finish is starting to wear thin on me. Starting new in Silver will be really nice and refreshing. One note, I'm not catching the alphabet of unown. Just one.

The only thing I really remember about the second generation is Bellsprout Tower. And that the legendaries are a pain in the ass to catch. I'm not too worried, though. I've caught all the legendaries in this game with pokeballs. I've recently captured a Kyurem with one. That sucked.

I have to wait until either I have a version of black or until my friend gets to the point where he can trade me some of the exclusives. Well, I've got a game to finish.

I've evolved:
sandile to krokorok, and again to krookodile, dwebble to crustle, scraggy to scrafty, yamask to cofagrigus, tirtouga to carracosta, archen to archeops, trubbish to garodor, ducklett to swanna, vanillite to vanillish, and again to vanilluxe, deerling to sawsbuck, foongus to amoongus, frillish to jellicent, joltik to galvantula, ferroseed to ferrothorn, klink to klang, again to klinklang, tynamo to elektric, again to elektross, elgyem to beheeyem, litwick to lampent, again to chandelure, and rufflet to braviary.

Unova Pokemon: 142
Total Pokemon: 215
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I'm making steady progress with grinding and evolutions. I'm hoping to fill the Unova pokedex first. I've finished all the stone evolutions with the recent addition of lilligant, and elite 4 runs have given me enough exp to evolve deino to zweilous and again to hydreigon. This is one of the last really high level evolutions, the last being larvesta. I'm about to do another elite 4 run and that will evolve 3 more Pokemon.

I'm hoping to finish up soon. Next will be gen 2.

Unova Pokemon: 118
Total Pokemon: 187


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