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Made some progress in the game. finished the whole Professor Elm, Mr. Pokemon back and forth thingy and was shown how to catch Pokemon for my troubles. Yeah, I needed that one. I've got no problem with those tutorials in the game. The only issue I have with them is when they give you the option and that choice says clearly "no info needed," you still have to go through the how to catch Pokemon tutorial and the people give you the "Oh, you know how to do something! that's right, you just have to open this menu and select this option and pick this thing and yeah, it's just so easy now, isn't it?" Thanks. I clearly new that. I said I know that, I have access to a built in help menu and even a help PC in every town. You know, just in case I forgot between towns how to use items. Really, people

But then, after talking to some of the people standing around the towns, I'm not really surprised they go so far with help. One random member of town was, as he claims, in a recent battle and his "Pokemon lost. They're a mess! I must take them to a Pokemon Center." Dude, it's 20 feet that way. It's literally the next building. Stop standing around and go. How do people like this get trusted with Pokemon anyway? Shortbus people.

Anyway. Got my pokeballs and immediately ripped into the local wildlife. Caught a pidgey, a rattata, a sentret, a hoothoot, bellsprout, ghastly, dunsparce, and a zoobat.

Johto Pokemon: 11


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