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Asura's Wrath is finished!!!

I picked up where I left off with chapter 14 on episode 3 and made short work of a fairly quick game. I can't recommend this one to everyone. If you are a fan of Dragon Ball Z style animes, you need to pick this one up right now. Lots of teeth gritting, anger, tragedy, death that doesn't stop anyone and any other cliche that you can find.

Just to be sure, let's run down the funtime list:
  • punch stuff, check
  • punch stuff harder, check
  • punch stuff so hard that it's guts come out the other end and it explodes, big time check
  • punch stuff so hard that your arm explodes on it's body, check
  • have family kidnapped, check
  • die, check
  • have rivalry that turns ugly, then becomes friendly, check
  • defeat a god, check
  • save the world, check
  • kick stuff so hard that they explode into strange orange goo, check
  • rage so hard you literally turn onto a beast, check
...And I'm sure many others. This is just the basics of what Asura's Wrath is like. It's styled very much like an anime with manga segments for some exposition and lots of quick time events. And I do mean a lot of them. The downside to this is you feel less in control of things and merely playing out scripted events and battles. There seem to be no real penalty for missing events, except for a possible lower rating upon completion. I'm re-doing chapter 18 right now, as I seem to have unlocked the "true ending" by getting an s rank on 5 or more levels.  Farily smooth, if very linear, gameplay. Combo system is easy to control and use. Style is nice and fun. Lots of action and anger. Few if any glitches. It's a solid game with combat modifiers you can use to alter the gameplay slightly for a touch of replayability. It's a nice touch, but I don't think I'll be diving right into it. I'm trying to see the true ending now and I think that'll be enough for me.

It's a very targeted market, but if it's in your target, this game is pretty bang on.

Next game in the library is...  Damnation

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I have left the small town of Nuvema and started a quest that would span 5 full regions.

I have wandered the grassy, winding Pinwheel Forest.
I have crossed the long and famous Skyarrow Bridge
I have traversed the treacherous constant sandstorm of Route 4
I have explored the sandy dunes in Relic Castle
I have lowered the Driftveil Drawbridge
I have liberated the cold storage area from Team Plasma
I have navigated the depths of Chargestone Cave
I have wandered and made it through the Twisted Mountain
I have discovered the secrets of Dragonspiral Tower
I have journeyed to Victory Road

I have defeated the 8 gyms, the elite four, team plasma, N, Ghetsis, the champion, and every trainer I have come across...

I have captured, evolved, and trained every Pokemon in White.

I have completed the pokedex in the Unova region for White. All I need is a Gothite, a reshiram, and a tornadus to have everything. I'm so close, but this is all I can do for now.

This being said, with the evolution of golett to golurk, pawniard to bisharp, cubchoo to beartic, and meinfoo to meinshao, I declare the Pokemon White journey complete.

Total Unova Pokemon: 146


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