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So, I recently cut my challenge short. I had a lot going on that was interfering with it and there just wasn't time or motivation. I was involved with a big move, there was an upset in the family, and I was just drained. The question does remain, though. How close was I? If I compiled all my Pokemon as they stand now, how far off was I? So, here goes the start of the great migration. I will import all my available Pokemon onto the chosen game and I'll see how close we got. There are currently 220 Pokemon registered in my Pokemon White national pokedex, and there are more spread out over three other versions of Pokemon. Once all are moved, the listings will be posted.
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Delete all saved data?


Once the saved data has been deleted, there is no way to recover it.
Is it really OK to delete all saved data?


Deleting all saved data... Don't turn off the power.

and just like that... over 115 Pokemon, 8 badges, and 200 hours of gameplay are gone. Forever. All to make way for the new...

OK! now that the dramatic moment is over, the runs are done, the starters safe, the journey ready to begin anew. Time to meet Juniper. My starter this time is Oshawatt. I don't know why I like him this time around. I've gotten the fire starter every game. Oh well. Samurai otter is it.

Total Pokemon: 1
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Here we go. Limited edition Zelda 3DS in hand, Pokemon white game in, let's do this. First off, the rules:

1. We're going for 100% complete Pokedex here. All 646 Pokemon (as I look this up, I see that there's a newly discovered Pokemon that will be released as an event Pokemon. Bugger).

2. All the Pokemon will be caught by myself where possible. If I need to find and purchase an older version of the game to do so, this will be done.

3. Certain Pokemon will be held on a friend's game simply due to difficulty of getting. Event Pokemon fall into this category. Specifically, Victini.

4. Due to my own O.C.D., all catchable pokemon will be caught in regular pokeballs. Including legendaries. The safari zone is excluded from this rule.

5. no shinies. Let's be real, people. The odds of finding one is more than 1 in 8000 encounters, plus the overlap of pokemon in grasses, plus actually catching it. They're just a nice bonus for now. Male, female and regional variants maybe.

The game is on and I'm staring at the blank blue screen asking if I want to delete all saved data. This is it. Fresh start. Ish. I actually have to do this twice more so I have the starters.

running for the starters is more annoying than it sounds. Ive got to start a new game, get my starter, battle my two friends, race to the first town, beat N, kick my friends again, kick the gym, kick team plasma, and then i get the c-gear and can trade off my starters to my friend's game. Twice.


Aug. 18th, 2012 03:52 pm
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I've been playing Pokemon for years. I've grown up with it. It's always been there. My friends leveling and trading, battles in the schoolyard, trying to catch them all. Trying to catch them all. That's the rub. As long as they've had the games, the pressure to catch, trade and fill the Pokedex has been not exactly subtle. This Brings me here, now. When this all started, there were 151 Pokemon, spread over two versions. Marketing genius. Get kids to need both games or a good friend to finish the game.

As a completionist and an achievement whore, not being able to complete the Pokedex has bugged me for years. Time to put that to an end. The gauntlet has been thrown. Let's do it. I've got friends with Pokemon, I've got older versions, I've got a game boy with red still in it. Let's do this. All the Pokemon, one game.


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