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Asura's Wrath is finished!!!

I picked up where I left off with chapter 14 on episode 3 and made short work of a fairly quick game. I can't recommend this one to everyone. If you are a fan of Dragon Ball Z style animes, you need to pick this one up right now. Lots of teeth gritting, anger, tragedy, death that doesn't stop anyone and any other cliche that you can find.

Just to be sure, let's run down the funtime list:
  • punch stuff, check
  • punch stuff harder, check
  • punch stuff so hard that it's guts come out the other end and it explodes, big time check
  • punch stuff so hard that your arm explodes on it's body, check
  • have family kidnapped, check
  • die, check
  • have rivalry that turns ugly, then becomes friendly, check
  • defeat a god, check
  • save the world, check
  • kick stuff so hard that they explode into strange orange goo, check
  • rage so hard you literally turn onto a beast, check
...And I'm sure many others. This is just the basics of what Asura's Wrath is like. It's styled very much like an anime with manga segments for some exposition and lots of quick time events. And I do mean a lot of them. The downside to this is you feel less in control of things and merely playing out scripted events and battles. There seem to be no real penalty for missing events, except for a possible lower rating upon completion. I'm re-doing chapter 18 right now, as I seem to have unlocked the "true ending" by getting an s rank on 5 or more levels.  Farily smooth, if very linear, gameplay. Combo system is easy to control and use. Style is nice and fun. Lots of action and anger. Few if any glitches. It's a solid game with combat modifiers you can use to alter the gameplay slightly for a touch of replayability. It's a nice touch, but I don't think I'll be diving right into it. I'm trying to see the true ending now and I think that'll be enough for me.

It's a very targeted market, but if it's in your target, this game is pretty bang on.

Next game in the library is...  Damnation


Mar. 6th, 2014 12:31 am
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Assassin's Creed 2 is officially complete! I've gotten every codex page, hit every lookout point, and finished all of the side quests save for some assassination contracts. all races, beat em ups, and almost all of the glyphs in one run. Nicely done if I do say so myself.

they seem to be taking the series into a sci-fi realm more than an ultra conspiracy field like the first one. I'm not sure if gusta about the ending, but there is still more to the games. All in all, it was well done, even if the final boss did devolve into a cliche mano e mano fist fight.

Glitchy climbing is made up for by convenient checkpoints and smooth story telling really seals this game for me. Total play time is around 8 hours, so a decent length, but aside form feathers and other side collectibles, no real replay stuff here.

I'm skipping the rest of the games because I've yet to grab black flag and Revelations, so I'm missing out on a few points here. I think the next game for completion is...

Asura's Wrath!


Feb. 20th, 2014 10:04 pm
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Got the newest episode in the editing room and a couple of new things in the works. Here's the thing, I'd like to do a Q and A regarding kitchen stuff. I know the first section will be knife basics, sharpening, choosing, handling, etc. but I'd like to know what questions people have for a chef. Nothing is off limits and no question is too silly, so drop em anywhere. You can comment here, send me a message on youtube, or fire me an email at

Go for it, get weird.
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Picked up on my old save file mostly done memory 5 in Assassin's Creed 2. It took a few minutes to get back into the controls and the flow of the game. I like the premise, go be an assassin and stop the templars from doing secret society things and changing the world in 15th century Italy. As far as collections go, I'm about 74% done the game. I've got ways to go for the main missions though, there's 14 memories and usually two or three plot points per memory. I've started working on the sixth, which involves saving Da Vinci a couple of times, mostly from people who just want you dead and he happens to be there. Aren't you a swell friend.

the fighting is kind of simple, with a basic attack mechanic and a dodge and counter button for quicker dispatching of enemies. All the guards seem to have gone to the Action Movie Villain school and studied the ole only one attacker at a time technique so even when you get surrounded, fighting your way out is always an option.

The series is based on being able to climb a wide array of structures and free running to escape detection and avoid guards. For the most part, it works. You can escape relatively well when being chased and when you take your time to figure out how to go up a structure, it's fairly easy to see your route. There are some platforming situations where the angle of jump seems to be really fussy and your character turns out to be rather suicidal.

Glitches aside, there's a fair amount of collectibles and the missions are lengthy enough to feel like a complete game. I don't feel that once you complete all the side quests and find all the collectibles that there is much replay value.

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Death happens. Bad deaths happen. DON'T MAKE ME REWATCH THE CUTSCENE EVERY TIME!!!

This is one of my biggest pet peeves in gaming. I've got to a hard part in afro samurai and I've died a couple of times. Sometimes to the droids, sometimes to the area. That's fine, there's a challenge and I'm using skills. I didn't even know there was a dash until recently, and difficulty that leads me to find new skills to overcome it is cool and a good type of difficult, but don't give me an unskippable 1 minute cutscene. Fuck you. Fuck that. If I hit another rut and have more unskippable material than gameplay, then I'm microwaving the disc.

Fuck you.
Sincerely, Knump

I've got my laptop open next to me with the game on as I'm typing. I've just hit another difficult battle that I'm sure I could eventually overcome with some practice and perseverance. Unfortunately, I have to revisit a cutscene, a quick new tutorial, and a rope cut that is way more complicated than it needs to be just to get to it. I'm at the infamous chapter five as online posters call it. I've got no problem with brother 6 and his flamethrower of frustration, that was actually fine for me. I've no issue with the infamous rope (the trick is to use focus and a vertical slash, seriously, it's not complicated.) I've an issue with making me rewatch where the exit is, telling me to get to the exit, telling me how to cut a bullet in half, then making me do so, then making me cut the rope, then ANOTHER cutscene introducing the generic mob of baddies that are all related, then me trying to fight 7 guys in a closed area to have me die and repeat all of the above. On it's own, all of these components are fine. Making all the first ones happen every time I get surrounded and killed, go fuck yourself.

It's like starting a shitty movie. You know you could make it through if you tried, but you really don't want to, but it'll bother you at 3 am if you don't see the ending. I'll have to take a break so I don't destroy the game. Next on my shelf is Assassin's Creed 2. I've already got a save started in this one, so I'll be finishing off my original game. I'm not liking the alphabetical thing. I'm too chaotic to follow that system. I need an organized list that I can tick off when finished and I can bend around length to consider things like RPG's. The list is long and rather upsetting to me, but I intend to catch up and grind hard. Notable RPG's include Blue Dragon and Dragon's Dogma. There are many games to come, and with new games come new posts and new vids. Speaking of which, there will be filming tomorrow instead of Saturday since I have to work all weekend. I'm also going to do my first pseudo cooking show thing.



Feb. 16th, 2014 12:46 pm
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To begin my alphabetical completion, I've got to deal with Afro Samurai. A hack and slash adventure based off of an anime of the same name. If it follows the story arc closely, then I'm about a third of the way done the game. This is going to be a bit of a grind. The combos are a little clunky or really under powered and I can't quite get the hang of the focus mode thing. Frustration caused an abrupt ending to the play time last night when I was stuck between two rocks and infinitely falling. I wish that this was the only glitch I faced. It almost locked up twice when I leveled and sometimes it visually chokes hen trying to do a cutscene.

The upsides include a fairly cool anime/comic style split panel to show enemies or objectives and when you do get the combos to co-operate, it feels satisfying. If you are a fan of the anime series, and don't get bored easily with the same enemies and attacks, this game is definitely for you. I don't think I'll be going for 100% completion and it's not much in the way of replay value to me.


current play time, 3 hours


Feb. 14th, 2014 07:35 pm
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Two hundred and forty six. This is the number of games currently sitting on my shelves. I've finished most of them and kept them all in pretty good condition. They range from nintendo to ps3 and 360, and most of them have been fully conquered and leisurely revisited, but some were distracted from, some slipped through the cracks and were put on hold. Well, challenge accepted! they shall be neglected no more! I shall revisit everything, my complete library and run the incompletes through alphabetical order and systematically destroy them all. Two hundred and forty seven. I forgot to include my collector's edition of Gears 3. It's under my tv rather than on a shelf. All this isn't including my digital copies of steam games, computer games, and other bits lying around. I'll get a grand total sometime here, but this is the main one for now.

I'd like to give much thanks to those who've watched the new video and who gave feedback, it's been very helpful and I've got something going here.

The first game for completion is Afro Samurai for the 360.

I'll hopefully submit a game time and number of days to complete.
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I love retro gaming. I started my youtube channel on retro gaming. I've still got my Super Nintendo hooked up to my wall mounted tv. I've been playing said Super Nintendo since I was 5. One feature that I want with my new consoles is backwards compatibility. I'm tired of trying to find strange switches and juggling cables behind my tv just so I can play old obscure games on an older console because they weren't popular enough to be a digital download on a newer generation. Playstation was the best for this for a while, but even their later releases of the PS3 didn't have compatibility for PS2 or PSX games. I don't care if it means a bigger console.

There is a game sitting on my shelf. It' called Voodoo Vince. This game is sitting on my shelf gathering dust because I no longer have a working xbox and the 360 is only partially backwards compatible. There is a list on the xbox website of games they made backwards compatible and I happen to have one of the games that slipped through the cracks. I get that it's an older format, and I get that it could cost revenue because people will just try to buy their old favourites on the online store, but what if they don't have it? What iif I work with obscure titles for fun and want to play them easily.

Basically, to any devs that make a backwards compatible console, shut up and take my money.


Nov. 16th, 2013 07:50 pm
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One thing about posting on YouTube is you go around watching plenty of other videos from plenty of other people and you really should leave a constructive comment and a like if you did like the video, but sometimes it's hard to leave a comment eithout tearing someone's head off and starting a flame war. Offline, I'm a chef and have been dealing with food all my life, so I like to think I might know a thing or two about food production. From this experience, I would like to remind everyone that at some point, SOMEONE has touched your food. I don't care what you think at home, but the moment you chastise someone for not wearing gloves in an open kitchen or in a tutorial, you need to remember a few things:

1. We are trained professionals. We are taught to wash our hands all the time. It's ingrained in our schooling and work experience. We wash when we get to work, when we change, before and after handling a food item, after every time we touch our hair, face, or anything else on our freaking body (seriously, watch a chef with other people, they don't touch their face) and literally any time we think "did I wash my hands?" No matter when that is.

2. Gloves are a temporary barrier. They are put on by our hands, in fact, the same hands you were freaking out about a second ago. They cannot and do not replace hand washing and the department of food health and safety say they aren't as clean as regularly washing hands and certainly aren't a replacement.

3. Gloves used in a food setting aren't medical grade gloves, meaning that they aren't sterile, and they are not made in a sterile environment. I don't know how or where they are made and frankly even if they say food safe, that really isn't hugely releaving knowing the standards for food grade equipment in a factory.

4. Gloves are for me, not you. The only time I wear gloves in a kitchen is when I've got some type of cut, burn, or open bit on my hands. Cuts and burns are a part of every day kitchery and when they happen, I treat, medicate, sterilize, and wear a medical grade glove out of a first aid kit so I don't get an infection. I handle a lot of raw meat and here is a slim chance something could have a minor bug.

5. Not every little germ will kill you. There are germs in your cheeses, creams, yogurts, pickles, and vinegars just to name a few. There are a lot of products that are living organisms filled with beneficial or neutral bacteria, moulds, and fungi. People get sick from cross contamination and food being left out for too long at unsafe temperatures. Both can happen with gloves.

Next time you watch a video and think "eww, dirty hands! No gloves!" Chill out and realize that they might know what the fuck they are doing.

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New series, new equipment, a faithful P2, and some subscribers. Things are starting to pick up! I've got a few different types of episodes I regularly do now, including a blast from the past, lost in translation, and the B.O.T. Battle. I've got a few guests lined up and I really want to get some long distance ones in over online chess or something. My audio is currently being recorded with an Apex 440 and I'm using Microsoft's encoder to screen cap everything.

I'm about to start brushing up on chess so I can stand a chance. This could be fun.

New Logo?

Oct. 27th, 2013 11:21 am
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I figured since I'd like to one day get paid to do what I do, it might be a good idea to have a logo that wasn't just the poison mushroom. My personal stuff can still use it, but I tweaked it for potential revenue later. Tell me what you think:

potentially new logo
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I've spent the past hour getting everything set and programmed and all read to record. I've had some awesome feedback when people heard I would do some recording of spyro, and I've been working to get everything... working.

Tomorrow should be fun. I'm going out to look for a decent unidirectional mic to get some commentary going with P2. I've got a few game series in the works and I've got a little teaser with more food oriented stuff. I'd like to spend a little time working on logos or intros for them. The food series will start out as a FAQ segment, Ask A Chef, and I'll go over a lot of food myths, and general grump about cooking.

I've got a day off here and there, and hours at work are surprisingly nice, so I should have a good chunk of time to work on this. Updates when I can.
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I've got a new full time job, meaning my recording time is slightly less than I like. I've picked up a little side recording to get something on the youtube page, mostly because I'm tired of having no videos on there. I'm working on the audio for the nuzlocke now, and most of the video editing is done. I should be able to get some episodes up fairly soon. I've got a good chunk recorded, so I can build up some time to work with scheduled episode releases.

There's also another series now in scripting. It's more focused around my food, but games will have a deep involvement as always. More details as they come. We do have an entire first season planned and partially story boarded. Fine details to scripting and shooting permissions to follow. It ma wind up getting it's own channel, with links to full length game segments hosted on the games dump page.

Commentary is a bitch

So, I've been taking suggestions for the nostalgia filler, and so far, the loudest ones are Super Mario world, Mario Bros. 3, Kirby, and Spyro. I'd like to get something a little ore obscure in there, but alien 3 was a great way to start with hidden gems for me.

I've got a weekend coming up, and I think I'll be trying to work out some more graphical designs for thumbnails to try and make it easier to follow the series'.

And for those very few wondering about the great migration, it's still happening.. Slowly. I've moved a lot of the little bastards and my Pokedex is now almost at the 500 mark. There will be an upload once all is said and done.

1. more alien 3, I want to finish, as I never have before.
2. more of the gold nuzlocke run. I've been neglecting it.
3. something on the pokemon x nuzlocke.
4. a guest commentary lets play with either SMW or something similar.
5. *possible* commentated attempt at a play through of the one game that freaks the shit outta me. no promises on that one.


Oct. 18th, 2013 01:26 am
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the nuzlocke run is going fairly well. I've now got two badges and a healthy array of pokemon. I was getting worried there for a bit, as everything was turning up fire, bird, or both. I've only lost one pokemon so far, Rest in peace, booger, and I was able to pick up another fighting type to swam him out relatively soon after. I've got 20 plus segments now recorded for the run, but all of them are still in editing, so nothing can be posted yet. I've also got to finish doing the commentary track. I'm starting to run into the odd problem of not knowing what the hell I'm fighting. One of the pokemon on the rock gym was... something. I'm not too sure what the hell it was, aside from part rock type. This makes battles much more risky, since I don't know what to switch to and I don't know what their move sets could be.

I'm still trying to figure out what exactly the fairy type pokemon are. I've only see one so far, and I've yet to find anything that's super effective against them. On the upside, most of the moves they do don't seem that damaging. On the downside, I know that later on there will be either a gym for fairy types or one of the elite four will use them. You don't simply introduce a new type of pokemon and leave it at that.

I will continue with my gold nuzlocke a little bit at a time when I can. Also, news on the great migration, I've moved over a quarter of all my pokemon and am quickly approaching the 400 mark on the pokedex. If I evolve everything, I'm actually fairly close.


Oct. 14th, 2013 10:49 pm
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I've done filming the first three segments of my new nuzlocke run, and I've only had one special moment. I was distracted by all the people following me around, healing my pokemon, giving me pokeballs, there's a whole entourage here with me. I was so distracted that I forgot to try and catch my first encounter entirely in the forest and went through keeping my two pokemon. I'm not too concerned, though as there seem to be many new places to catch pokemon. I'm just arriving at the first city with a gym and I've gone through three routes and a forest. All this, plus I get an event pokemon. I'm using the town as the location for the event pokemon since the town has no water around it. Editing starts tonight and uploading soon.
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Today is the day. Well, technically yesterday is the day. I got the new Pokemon game and set up all I would need with recording. I've got an hd camera, a techie for after effects and video editing, audio mixing, and all kinds of fun stuff. We had a few people over, set up, had dinner, played some cards and took test shots with the game. This is our rough setup, marked off and held down with double sided tape.

My recording studio, complete with junk food

I've got my youtube page, although really bare, up and running. I'm still having problems working out my profile pic and I solely blame google for all. I'm looking forward to having a solid day to get filming in and leaning over the techie's shoulder, annoying him with suggestions, ideas, and trying to learn what he's doing. I've gone through the paper mass and pulled out a little leaflet saying I could get a torchic. Wow, new release with pokemon and there's already an event starter to download.
torchic bonus

I'm assuming I'll have to get a little further into the game before I'll actually get to claim him. I wonder what the held item is, though. This could be cool. Well, I've got an event tomorrow, but if I'm up afterwards, I'll get some recording in and start the editing process. I'm hoping to have episodes up on my channel in (insert unrealistic deadline here)
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Today is the release day for the new Pokemon games, x and y. With this new release, comes a new challenge. I'll be doing a blind nuzlocke run of the game. I've not looked into anything. I'm totally blind. I don't know starters, types, regions, anything. I'm posting this because the whole ordeal will be recorded, edited, and posted on youtube. As soon as the camera guy is ready. here I sit, right next to my brand new game, like a kid on christmas morning, unable to touch anything because the parents aren't awake yet.

I'm going to sit on the couch and stare at my new game until everything's ready. This is my view

Pokemon x


Oct. 11th, 2013 05:44 pm
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Grinding is an inevitable part of Pokemon. You have them, now get them better. I'm going through route 32 with my bellsprout in front hoping to find woopers to fight. Since they are ground and water, I've got a x4 attack against them. So far, I've hit everything but. The route goes on and most trainers don't seem to pose a challenge. They all seem to have a rattata or something small and normal with them. Having a geodude in my party is proving most awesome. Unless it's super effective, everything this early one does 1 damage, even with a critical hit.

the end of this route is a trip through union cave. There's another chance for new pokemon, and my egg is fairly close to hatching. I've got a mildly leveled party, all around 14, and I was worried about having to teach one of them flash. I don't have anyone I'd want to reduce to an HM slave. Move management is one of the biggest challenges in this run. Bellsprout should tear through anything with rock through this cave. He shall channel his inner Nuptup and harvest all souls. but first, let's heal up and find our first encounter...

Onix! well, this should be a challenge. I have to not kill it, and not run out of pokeballs. These guys are a decent challenge to catch. Fluffy will be awesome here, since onix doesn't learn rock throw until level 14. I'm going to lick it into submission, and the paralysis will help with the capture rate. Five licks later, I'm good and ready to start chucking balls at her face. With a little luck, I'll catch without too much fuss. I don't want to run out of pokeballs here. Even though I have 9, it may not be enough.
onix, ball oneonix, caught on ball 2

2 Pokeballs, not bad at all. I expected more of a struggle against this one. It's not an amazing pokemon, but it's another member on hte team. He can definitely tank a physical hit here and there, but long term use is minimal with good ol' lumpy in my party. He just doesn't have the build to keep up with a geodude. Or, graveler for that matter. Well, that aside, what do you name a giant rock snake? He squirms through the ground, so Squirmle it is

On with the cave! My next random encounter is a sandshrew. That would have been a very useful addition to the team. I have to sit back now as Das plant! harvests another soul. One of the people that inspired me to upload and post a nuzlocke run did one a little while ago where a little oddish proved to be his most useful pokemon. This surprising little beast would prove unequal throughout the run. Nicknamed "Nuptup", it qiuckly became the devourer of souls with his own lore and legends growing in the fanbase. Should das plant! continue to grow and maim at this rate, I may have to rename him, for he is the nuptup incarnate.

Fluffy is getting a few rounds in with the random encounters now, since I've run out of PP for Das' vine whip. It's his only offensive move, save for wrap. So he's effectively useless until I heal. I'm going to stick in union cave a little and try to even out my party.


Oct. 10th, 2013 07:06 pm
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I love when you go to the pokemon center after the first gym battle to get the poke egg and you tell the aid you won't take it. That little but of depression, the disbelief. It's rare you get to screw around with a character in games like this.
telling the aid no, i wonthe aid

Hehe... Of course, I'll actually take the pokemon. It's a freebie and in a run like this that's a pretty good thing. After grabbing the egg, I head south out of violet city and proceed to the next route and the next encounter. I'm hoping for a mareep, but the encounter rate is more likely to give me a repeat, or a wooper. Should be interesting.

Going right past the ruins, the first encounter on route 32 is...
a bellsprout.

GAH! It's another bellsprout! For those wondering about the x in my party, that's the egg. I didn't lose anything, it's just unable to battle. It's not a huge loss, there will be other routes, and I've got a nearly full party. This run is still going pretty smoothly, and I've leveled nicely. I shouldn't have much worries for another town or so.


Oct. 10th, 2013 04:52 am
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After much fiddling with programs, sites, and my anger, I seem to have found a way to make this slightly more... Awesome. I cleared bellsprout tower with ease and got the flash tm, then healed and walked right in to take out the flying gym. I had my lumpy with rock throw. What bird could stop me? Behold, Falkner's Gym...

This gym went almost flawlessly. I did forget to switch fluffly out of the way, since his attacks can't damage normal types, he was nothing super here. I did try to put spearow to sleep with hypnosis before switching, but he wasn't having any of it. Then, out came the bane of all birds, the fucking boulder himself, Lumpy! He proceeded to level the gym entirely. Rock throw was perfect. No misses, I even got to sort out my moveset there. Everything that seriously needed to go right went right.

I like the gyms in video, but I don't think I'll do all recording. It just takes too much time for now with this format. There will be mostly text and pics where cool stuff is going down, but I think I can bump out the gyms in video. On to prepare for the next route. I only have four pokemon and there are a couple of new places coming up. The ruins and a new route. I hope I can find a mareep first encounter. I hate unown, so I really hope I don't end up actually needing it for anything. It's one move is... something. hidden power is a variable of both power and type. I could get an awesome high damage dragon or ice type, but that won't happen.


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