Oct. 10th, 2013 07:06 pm
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I love when you go to the pokemon center after the first gym battle to get the poke egg and you tell the aid you won't take it. That little but of depression, the disbelief. It's rare you get to screw around with a character in games like this.
telling the aid no, i wonthe aid

Hehe... Of course, I'll actually take the pokemon. It's a freebie and in a run like this that's a pretty good thing. After grabbing the egg, I head south out of violet city and proceed to the next route and the next encounter. I'm hoping for a mareep, but the encounter rate is more likely to give me a repeat, or a wooper. Should be interesting.

Going right past the ruins, the first encounter on route 32 is...
a bellsprout.

GAH! It's another bellsprout! For those wondering about the x in my party, that's the egg. I didn't lose anything, it's just unable to battle. It's not a huge loss, there will be other routes, and I've got a nearly full party. This run is still going pretty smoothly, and I've leveled nicely. I shouldn't have much worries for another town or so.


Sep. 12th, 2012 08:01 pm
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The egg hatched into a Togepi. Immediately I'm called by Professor Elm asking me to go all the way back to the Lab and show him what it is. It's not good enough that the pokedex already has a detailed entry of this thing, no. He has to see it. It doesn't matter that i'm in the middle of a cave two cities away. I can just pop over. Yeesh.

Nearly through the cave. Trying to catch an onix, but this thing is breaking out of almost all of my pokeballs. I've had legendaries give me less trouble. I'm going to have to get more and come back for this guy and it has a really low encounter rate. Even the game acknowledges this by putting someone willing to trade for a bellsprout just inside town. I'm thinking if I use my gastly against it, it can't hurt me and I can put it to sleep or paralyze it relatively easily.

My totodile is about to evolve. My gastly hasn't learned anything remotely useful. My mareep is about to join my party. All is good stat-wise.

I've just done a comparison for golem and onix. Golem smacks it down by almost 100 points. Aside from defense, onix's stats are scary low. He's not making the party.

Training my gastly ans my totodile is really easy here. Nothing has an elemental attack yet, so gastly is pretty much untouchable and totodile is strong against all the rock types in the cave. Training here will be quick. Hoping to get a couple of Pokemon to almost 20 before the next gym. I'll be back after the togepi fiasco and I catch an onix. I'm not trading the guy for one, I can't let it win.

Johto Pokemon: 18


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