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I love retro gaming. I started my youtube channel on retro gaming. I've still got my Super Nintendo hooked up to my wall mounted tv. I've been playing said Super Nintendo since I was 5. One feature that I want with my new consoles is backwards compatibility. I'm tired of trying to find strange switches and juggling cables behind my tv just so I can play old obscure games on an older console because they weren't popular enough to be a digital download on a newer generation. Playstation was the best for this for a while, but even their later releases of the PS3 didn't have compatibility for PS2 or PSX games. I don't care if it means a bigger console.

There is a game sitting on my shelf. It' called Voodoo Vince. This game is sitting on my shelf gathering dust because I no longer have a working xbox and the 360 is only partially backwards compatible. There is a list on the xbox website of games they made backwards compatible and I happen to have one of the games that slipped through the cracks. I get that it's an older format, and I get that it could cost revenue because people will just try to buy their old favourites on the online store, but what if they don't have it? What iif I work with obscure titles for fun and want to play them easily.

Basically, to any devs that make a backwards compatible console, shut up and take my money.


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