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When I was travelling down route 5, I ran into a poison Pokemon called trubbish. Trubbish is a trash bag brought to life by dumped chemicals and toxins. Seriously, there's one of these in nearly every region of Pokemon. What the hell are people and companies dumping that new life springs up from garbage?! This guy shows up next to a large fashion and clothing city. Grimer, animated sewage crud, breeds and pours out of sylph co. Really guys, what kinda crud does it take to make a masterball? What are these people throwing away to make the trash bags come to life and fight back? Try addressing that one, Nintendo. I want a Poke-Al Gore. Forget animal abuse, lets deal with the pollution in these regions.

Thinking about it, there's some serious cross over potential here. Cinnabar island, abandoned mansion, secret basement, hidden lab. Let's get some zombies popping out and nomming some pika-brains! Resident Evil Pokemon events!

Back to the main game, I've completed route 5, met the champion, and caught an emolga, a solosis, the aforementioned trubbish, and a monccino. Beat his story battle, and lowered the bridge. Got a few stat boosting feathers on the bridge and caught a ducklett. One of the worst Poke-names ever. Arriving in Driftveil city, the gym leader comes out to tear you a new one. Somehow by lowering the bridge, you let team plasma people go. Sure. Yet another thing we have to do before beating the leader. Well, new place means new pokemon.

I've wandered through the cold storage area and peeked ahead to catch a few guys. Caught a foongus, a deerling (Worst name ever.), and a vanillite. I'm currently hangin out in the cold storage area in the south end of the city. I sorted out my party and evolved my herdier into a stoutland. There won't be many changes to the party until I'm grinding for evolutions. I currently have a timburr, a stoutland, a pignite, a sigilyph, dewott, and a maractus.

More posting after training and battles with team plasma. Probably after the gym.

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