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The white forest is a Pokemon White exclusive place where Pokemon and people live in perfect harmony. It is the only city where wild grass Pokemon encounters can happen in town. All this is pretty cool, but the big happy here is when I walked in blind and found a wild abra. Abra is the base form of my favourite Pokemon. Alakazam. This guy is the first gen badass. Only weak to ghost moves and bug types. Both of which are really limited in either power or availability. Had a super high sp.attack, and one of the only self healing moves around in gen 1. Basically, this guy could single handedly clear the game if done right.

Well, I've tried to sort the new Pokemon out, and the new ones I think all are:

Evolved: munna to musharna, woobat to swoobat, and swadloon to leavanny

Caught: jigglypuff, golduck, abra(!), shellder, tangela, togepi, mareep, hoppip, dunsparce, gligar, surskit, seviper, lunatone, solrock, absol, drifblim, and a croagunk,

Traded: victini, arceus, kyurem, an extra zekrom, traded that zekrom for zorua, dragonite, metagross(*), latios, kyogre, and a Giratina.

Recieved: keldo.

I hate event pokemon. You have to either recieve them at a limited event, or try and trade for them with some of the extra legendaries I just brought over. This is the upside to ditto. I can breed some of them and trade them off. This is how I just got a zorua. Went to nintendo wi-fi and uploaded my Pokemon, asking or one at any level, and was promptly traded. awesome. Thanks to NATE, id no. 02444 from Knump, id no. 64907. You put me two steps closer to my goal.

ps. That zorua is about to evolve. Thanks again.

Total Pokemon: 134


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