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Sep. 25th, 2012 12:43 am
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I've been trying to play here and there and I've really not progressed very far at all. I've defeated team rocket at Goldenrod tower, beaten the eighth gym, just barely, and I defeated the kimono girls and learned about lugia. He's a legendary Pokemon that you have to catch in order to progress to the Pokemon league. Legendaries are usually background things, optional side quests if you will, and don't usually impact or impede your progress. In an act of rebellion, I'm not doing the whirl islands until I've filled my pokedex a little more. I prepared a few HM slaves and now am re-walking all the routes. I know there's a few more Pokemon to get from headbutting and there are some rare encounters to do. Also, I have to finish catching the legendary dogs. My party now includes the Extremespeed dratini from the dragon's den and I plan to keep her in my party. This basically sets my team for the league and the next gym set. Fearow, Ampharos, Dratini to become Dragonite, Gengar, and Golem.

I don't like having to go through the whirl islands because it's a horrible maze with a bunch of one way cliffs and four separate islands you can emerge from. Basically it's the most frustrating sequence of trial and error you can imagine.

Moving in a couple of days. Really excited for the new place. Will be up and posting again after the move unless something epic happens in casual play.

Johto Pokemon: 72


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