Oct. 9th, 2013 05:03 pm
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Gym one in Pokemon Gold is Falkner. He uses flying type Pokemon and I'd be concerned if anything other than Lumpy showed up first. With defense like that, I can pretty much stand up to anything early game, save bellsprout tower. Good thing I've got my fire starter. Training is simple early on, and early trainer battles with bugs and rattatas are no problem. I'm taking my time a little bit getting to the first city, going through route 30 again, and looking for a new pokemon on route 31 at the turn. My big concern at this early of the game is my rival encounter before the forest. I know he's going to have a croconaw, and with a fire type and a rock type in my party, this could get tricky. That's still a little while off, though. I'm still rusty on the order of events in this.

Going around the turn on route 30, I forgot that there's an entrance to dark cave. I'm tempted to go in, but I'd probably just find another geodude. I'll have to hit it sometime, maybe I'll get lucky and bump into a zubat...
zubat. really

Well, it seems the RNG gods are with me today. Now I just have to not kill it.

...Or run out of pokeballs!! It's a freaking zubat! I've never seen one escape period! Let alone twice!! really?! Wow. I thought this could work. I'd have a few pokemon going into town, there'd be a nice spread. Welcome to the joys of a nuzlocke.

The kicker to all of this, is that at the end of route 31, there's a pokeball on the ground. If I had just moved on for now, I could have gotten the pokeball, maybe even a new guy on route 31, and had something, but nooo, RNG giveth, and RNG taketh away. Now backtracking to Cherrygrove to get some more pokeballs, potions, and a few antidotes. Antidotes are one of those few items that become gold early game compared to when you actually need them . In casual gameplay, you would get poisoned, and if you had one, handy, else, you move on, and hope that you make it to a pokemon center before the poison makes it faint. I don't have that luxury. If it faints outside of battle due to poison, it's still dead by the rules, and I have to release it. Weedle is a secret killer.

I've spent all my money, and stopped to heal at the pokemon center. I should be good for whatever pops out at me at route 31. Please, don't be spinarak. Anything but spinarak. I'm seriously considering killing it rather than adding it to my team. It's hard to train, useless attack wise until way later, and it can't take a hit. Well, we'll just have to hop in and hope. Also, try not to run out of pokeballs. My first encounter is...

Actually fucking awesome! This has got to be one of the best case scenarios. I'm starting to get suspicious about these encounters. No wonder everything is putting up a fight. Here we go. Bring out Q and tackle it a little, lightly now, no crits. Nice, down just under half health. now, for the hard part. Don't kill me, and stay in the ball...
bellsprout caught

Perfect! one pokeball, no struggle, no hair pulling, just perfect. One more to the team, and super against my rival to boot! I have to be careful with him though, I can't use him in the gym. Now, for the nickname. I have no idea. I usually don't, or I go with what they pretty much are. Bellsprout is, well, a bell sprout. Hmm, We shall name him...
Das plant!

Das plant! shall strike fear into the hearts of water types everywhere. Behold the bane of totodile, woopers, and all of rock type.

My party one step closer to functional, the grind begins. Next up in my travels, we start to take on sprout tower. Filled with trainers with bellsprout, hoothoot, and the other things I can't remember, I'm hoping to have an elemental move from each of my pokemon by the time I storm the tower. I need ember from Q, rock throw from Lumpy, and I've got vine whip from Das. This could shape up nicely.

Burned routes: 29, 30, 31, dark cave, 46
Nothing dead yet!


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