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Sep. 12th, 2012 04:00 pm
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Traveled a little more and trained for the first gym, then promptly rocked the first gym. Didn't need too much since I had a geodude. Grind it a little and once it learns rock throw (yeah, I did that), any bird Pokemon are going down hard and fast. Geodude is great in the early game. He has unrivaled defense and the only Pokemon he can't handle are bellsprout and wooper.

Made it through the city and stopped for a quick spot in the ruins. The ruins have these fun little tile puzzles that unlock new areas and forms of unown. Neat little buggers. They have one form for every letter in the alphabet and their move, hidden power, is a different type and power level for each one. I can't be bothered to figure out which ones are useful or powerful. Not really interested in a one trick pony anyway. Cought one for the entry and moved on.

I like this Route. Route 32. Nice, scenic, and has mareep. Mareep is caught and immediately given a permanent spot in my party. It's not bad now, but once it evolves to ampharos, it's pretty badass and fast. Once this egg hatches I can set my party for most of the game. It's going to be geodude, rattata, totodile, spearow, mareep, and ghastly. Never powered through the game with a ghost type before. Will be new to me.

Caught an ekans, a weedil, a hoppip, and a wooper. Most of those are useless. Wooper is only good for it's immunities to electric attacks, but at the cost of any defence against grasses. Just waiting for the egg, dammit. Need the slot.

Johto Pokemon: 17
after the egg, 18


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