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A fair bit has been accomplished today. I've made it through the desert in route 4, stopped off at the resort and beefed up my pokedex, kicked my friends asses again, and made it to Nimbasa city. I don't like the new rival system. Old school Pokemon gave you gary, the bratty, inflated ego prick that grabbed a Pokemon and snubbed the world. It was nice. There he was, a guy who intentionally grabbed the Pokemon you're weak against, went on ahead of you to try and ambush you with random battles, cleared the gyms first and rubbed it in your face, and was just generally someone who you enjoyed beating the snot out of totally guilt free. Except for raticate. I'm sorry, buddy, but your trainer sucked. Guess I made you faint too hard...

The new system has not one, but two rivals. One that took the Pokemon you're weak against, and one that took a Pokemon weak against you. They've set one of them up for permanent failure at your hand, and the other is a smart kid trying to just have an edge. I kinda feel bad about constantly beating my friends. These guys are nice and I never let them win. I can't, if I want to proceed that is. Bring back the wanker so I have fun mopping the floor with him. Just don't let me kill any more Pokemon. Subtle, Nintendo, but freaking dark.

Back to the progress. Traversing the constant sandstorm of route 4, I've acquired a sandile, a darumaka, and a scraggy. Strange how out of these Pokemon, only one doesn't take sandstorm damage. Why would you make Pokemon have a natural environment that gives them environmental damage?

Futher into the sands leads to the Resort. A small area in between the main path and a set of ruins. Here, I added a sigilyph and a maractus to the collection. Going further into the ruins, I find a Yamask and easily catch him, too. Powering through the trainers here has evolved my tepig to a pignite. How many fire pig puns are there?!

Going through my pokedex to refresh my recent captures has shown that I've missed getting a dwebble. Well, after posting, back I go to the sandstorm.

Oh, and I kicked N's ass again in the amusement park. He's the new Giovanni.

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