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Death happens. Bad deaths happen. DON'T MAKE ME REWATCH THE CUTSCENE EVERY TIME!!!

This is one of my biggest pet peeves in gaming. I've got to a hard part in afro samurai and I've died a couple of times. Sometimes to the droids, sometimes to the area. That's fine, there's a challenge and I'm using skills. I didn't even know there was a dash until recently, and difficulty that leads me to find new skills to overcome it is cool and a good type of difficult, but don't give me an unskippable 1 minute cutscene. Fuck you. Fuck that. If I hit another rut and have more unskippable material than gameplay, then I'm microwaving the disc.

Fuck you.
Sincerely, Knump

I've got my laptop open next to me with the game on as I'm typing. I've just hit another difficult battle that I'm sure I could eventually overcome with some practice and perseverance. Unfortunately, I have to revisit a cutscene, a quick new tutorial, and a rope cut that is way more complicated than it needs to be just to get to it. I'm at the infamous chapter five as online posters call it. I've got no problem with brother 6 and his flamethrower of frustration, that was actually fine for me. I've no issue with the infamous rope (the trick is to use focus and a vertical slash, seriously, it's not complicated.) I've an issue with making me rewatch where the exit is, telling me to get to the exit, telling me how to cut a bullet in half, then making me do so, then making me cut the rope, then ANOTHER cutscene introducing the generic mob of baddies that are all related, then me trying to fight 7 guys in a closed area to have me die and repeat all of the above. On it's own, all of these components are fine. Making all the first ones happen every time I get surrounded and killed, go fuck yourself.

It's like starting a shitty movie. You know you could make it through if you tried, but you really don't want to, but it'll bother you at 3 am if you don't see the ending. I'll have to take a break so I don't destroy the game. Next on my shelf is Assassin's Creed 2. I've already got a save started in this one, so I'll be finishing off my original game. I'm not liking the alphabetical thing. I'm too chaotic to follow that system. I need an organized list that I can tick off when finished and I can bend around length to consider things like RPG's. The list is long and rather upsetting to me, but I intend to catch up and grind hard. Notable RPG's include Blue Dragon and Dragon's Dogma. There are many games to come, and with new games come new posts and new vids. Speaking of which, there will be filming tomorrow instead of Saturday since I have to work all weekend. I'm also going to do my first pseudo cooking show thing.



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