Oct. 18th, 2013


Oct. 18th, 2013 01:26 am
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the nuzlocke run is going fairly well. I've now got two badges and a healthy array of pokemon. I was getting worried there for a bit, as everything was turning up fire, bird, or both. I've only lost one pokemon so far, Rest in peace, booger, and I was able to pick up another fighting type to swam him out relatively soon after. I've got 20 plus segments now recorded for the run, but all of them are still in editing, so nothing can be posted yet. I've also got to finish doing the commentary track. I'm starting to run into the odd problem of not knowing what the hell I'm fighting. One of the pokemon on the rock gym was... something. I'm not too sure what the hell it was, aside from part rock type. This makes battles much more risky, since I don't know what to switch to and I don't know what their move sets could be.

I'm still trying to figure out what exactly the fairy type pokemon are. I've only see one so far, and I've yet to find anything that's super effective against them. On the upside, most of the moves they do don't seem that damaging. On the downside, I know that later on there will be either a gym for fairy types or one of the elite four will use them. You don't simply introduce a new type of pokemon and leave it at that.

I will continue with my gold nuzlocke a little bit at a time when I can. Also, news on the great migration, I've moved over a quarter of all my pokemon and am quickly approaching the 400 mark on the pokedex. If I evolve everything, I'm actually fairly close.


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