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I feel somewhat mixed about making my pokemon bang his head against a "moderately sized tree" repeatedly to find bug pokemon. Remember when they just jumped out in forests? and what ever happened to the bug catchers? now they're all just lads. I'm headbutting trees to find a couple of rare pokemon. One I call rare because you have to wake up at seven in the morning to find it in the wild. The cool thing is if I knock it out of a tree, there's a good chance it will be asleep. Unfortunately, I have to wade through a bunch of hoothoot looking for the things.

I need to backtrack here, I've made a lot of progress overnight and won two more gym badges. I'm liking my current party a lot and i'm trying to resist the urge to swap out guys for an abra I just found. I've been trying to incorporate HMs into my party, but things are getting crowded move-wise. I need the move deleter and a couple of HM slaves for this stuff.

Had my first run-in with the new team rocket at slowpoke well. Nothing here, just a little warm up before the gym. Caught a slowpoke while I was here and promptly left.

The second gym is bug type. Not hard at all considering my spearow. It chewed up everything really nice. Had a battle with my new rival, affectionately named Wanker, and mopped the floor with him. I like this one. He's blatantly a dick, almost more so than Gary. Gary was a rude dick, this guy is a thief and a dick. Granted he's done a lot worse things than "Smell ya later," but there's something about Gary that just makes me want to slap him. This guy I just want to pummel with Pokemon. Iunno. Anyway, went through the woods no problem and taught rattata headbutt. Not a bad move at all, base of 70 damage plus STAB, making it start at 105. That and hyper fang make for a devastating couple of moves.

Came out the other side and that's where I really bumped up my pokedex. In the woods I caught a paras and an oddish, but outside, I found drowzee, abra, magikarp, ledyba, ditto, and an exeggute. Nothing overly powerful except for abra. I may switch out for abra in my party later, but I'll try to make due with mu current party since I've been training them all up.

Made it into goldenrod without a problem. There are these security guard types that stand on certain routes and bug you if you walk past at night. Pokemon logic states that if you wander around at night, you're up to no good, but if you beat them in a battle, then you're ok. Goldenrod gym is all normal type, so my gastly is totally useless and geodude gets to shine again. He now knows magnitude and selfdestruct. I thought I was just dumping rock smash on him, but it turned out to be more useful than I expected, being a fighting type move.

This is the fun part of training where all of my Pokemon are getting ready to evolve or have just done so. My mareep is already a flaafy and totodile is a beefy croconaw. My geodude, spearow, rattata and gastly are all about to evolve. Off for a little grind and to catch a sudowoodo.

Johto Pokemon: 30, (already? making good time.)
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With the elite four defeated, team plasma scattered, and the champion back at the league, It appears my tale in this region is coming to an end. I've met with Juniper and recieved the national dex. This is a big jump. New pokemon are available, we can look back and see another 500 to go, and I can fish. I've never been this far in this version of pokemon. Things get better and worse with this. Better in that levelling is much faster with all the high level pokemon. Wild encounters now averaging level 50. The downside is that trainers are much beefier. My party is all around level 50,where trainers average level 65. Damn.

New Pokemon. I'm trying not to go too deep into the older eras because I'm just going to be trading them off anyway. I did catch a poochyena, a seviper, and an onix in my wanders, though. I also evolved my servine to serperior, my pansage to simisage, my pansear to simisear, and my panpour to simipour.

Went to the museum and resurrected the two fossils to tirtouga and archen.

Technically, the elite four aren't really defeated. The game doesn't really count the first time through, as they were weakened by N right before you. Facing them now is scary hard. Grinding required. I'm training my party right now and evolving little guys with experience share. I really want to get to route 13 so I can catch a ditto. Great for breeding.

Pokemon: 102


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