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As I search *tympole*, let's take a moment to look at team plasma. Anyone whose grown up with the series knows team rocket. Over the years, there have been *pidove* others, like team magma and team aqua, that have been the blatant antagonist. The criminal element in a world where being 10 is a legal adult. *pidove* Team plasma is different. Imagine team rocket with a hostile takeover *audino (holy crap, 1331 exp. points for this guy!)* by P.E.T.A. They want to liberate pokemon from their life of battle and being poked with sharp sticks by children journeying all over the world. And they are the bad guys? Nice one Nintendo, *holy holy sweet fuck a throh* way to address the one thing sticking out for generations and making us feel like *it broke free* heartless animal abusers in one swoop. *it broke free again* In one hand, I applaud them for introducing an alternate line of thinking than "Pokemon battle for us and they love it."
On the other, they all seriously look like crusaders. This takes all seriousness away and replaces it with a swift urge to steroid abuse a set of Pokemon and grind them into dust. *it broke out again* So that's the plan, where steroids reads as rare candies and all guilt is cast aside. That and they kicked munna. They all need to die now.

As I type this, the battle to catch throh is still going on. It's broken free four times now and I'm down to 57 pokeballs. I can do this all night buddy, come on. I guess I should have brought some pokemon that at least know yawn or something. Any sort of a stat changer would have ended this by now.

One shake, two shake, three shake *click*...
Throh has been caught. I can move on now. Forest and team plasma, here we come.

Pokemon: 20


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