Oct. 11th, 2013 05:44 pm
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Grinding is an inevitable part of Pokemon. You have them, now get them better. I'm going through route 32 with my bellsprout in front hoping to find woopers to fight. Since they are ground and water, I've got a x4 attack against them. So far, I've hit everything but. The route goes on and most trainers don't seem to pose a challenge. They all seem to have a rattata or something small and normal with them. Having a geodude in my party is proving most awesome. Unless it's super effective, everything this early one does 1 damage, even with a critical hit.

the end of this route is a trip through union cave. There's another chance for new pokemon, and my egg is fairly close to hatching. I've got a mildly leveled party, all around 14, and I was worried about having to teach one of them flash. I don't have anyone I'd want to reduce to an HM slave. Move management is one of the biggest challenges in this run. Bellsprout should tear through anything with rock through this cave. He shall channel his inner Nuptup and harvest all souls. but first, let's heal up and find our first encounter...

Onix! well, this should be a challenge. I have to not kill it, and not run out of pokeballs. These guys are a decent challenge to catch. Fluffy will be awesome here, since onix doesn't learn rock throw until level 14. I'm going to lick it into submission, and the paralysis will help with the capture rate. Five licks later, I'm good and ready to start chucking balls at her face. With a little luck, I'll catch without too much fuss. I don't want to run out of pokeballs here. Even though I have 9, it may not be enough.
onix, ball oneonix, caught on ball 2

2 Pokeballs, not bad at all. I expected more of a struggle against this one. It's not an amazing pokemon, but it's another member on hte team. He can definitely tank a physical hit here and there, but long term use is minimal with good ol' lumpy in my party. He just doesn't have the build to keep up with a geodude. Or, graveler for that matter. Well, that aside, what do you name a giant rock snake? He squirms through the ground, so Squirmle it is

On with the cave! My next random encounter is a sandshrew. That would have been a very useful addition to the team. I have to sit back now as Das plant! harvests another soul. One of the people that inspired me to upload and post a nuzlocke run did one a little while ago where a little oddish proved to be his most useful pokemon. This surprising little beast would prove unequal throughout the run. Nicknamed "Nuptup", it qiuckly became the devourer of souls with his own lore and legends growing in the fanbase. Should das plant! continue to grow and maim at this rate, I may have to rename him, for he is the nuptup incarnate.

Fluffy is getting a few rounds in with the random encounters now, since I've run out of PP for Das' vine whip. It's his only offensive move, save for wrap. So he's effectively useless until I heal. I'm going to stick in union cave a little and try to even out my party.


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